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13th October, 2021Press Release
Vidovi part of FNU’s ‘engaging’ Virtual Outreach Activities

High school students from Fiji and the region have shown their eagerness to learn about the Fiji National University (FNU) and its courses and study opportunities, entry requirements and teaching, learning and support services during the University’s ongoing Virtual Outreach Activities (VOA). With four scheduled Zoom sessions daily from Monday to Thursday (October 11th –…Read More

12th October, 2021Press Release
FNU’s Virtual Outreach Activity timely and informative – Tagicimoala

Fiji National University (FNU), through its Virtual Outreach Activity (VOA), has provided an additional platform for high school students and the general public to learn more about the various careers available in the job market today, according to Labasa College Year 13 student Sophia Fatafehi Tagicimoala. Tagicimoala, who participated in the Live VOA sessions, said…Read More

11th October, 2021Press Release
Participants benefit from FNU’s Virtual Outreach Activities (VOA)

    The Fiji National University began its second week of the Virtual Outreach Activities (VOA) this morning following a successful response from local and regional participants in the daily Livestream sessions last week. Held virtually through Zoom, these sessions consist of presenters who speak directly to Year 12 and 13 students and their teachers…Read More

11th October, 2021Press Release
Waqawai is keen to undertake media studies at FNU 

Being open to learning and having the passion to advance his career in the media industry were the driving factors that led Tomasi Waqawai to participate in the Fiji National University’s (FNU) recent 2021 Virtual Open Week. 21-year-old Waqawai is a Program Director at Mai Television Limited. He was among the thousands of online users who took…Read More

8th October, 2021Press Release
FNU organises interactive Virtual Outreach Activity sessions in vernacular languages

The Fiji National University’s (FNU) first-ever Virtual Outreach Activity (VOA) organised in the vernacular languages received an overwhelming response as parents and guardians interacted with academic experts to learn about the programmes offered by the University in numerous disciplines. FNU organised three sessions today in English, iTaukei and Hindi, allowing the parents and the guardians…Read More