‘Sports, Creating Endless Opportunities’: Bose

Press Release Posted On: May 30, 2024

Bachelor of Sports Education and Exercise Science student, Saiasi Bose.


“Sports is becoming an industry and is creating a lot of opportunities as well for many students.”

This was the statement made by the Fiji National University Bachelor of Sports Education and Exercise Science (BSEES) student, Saiasi Bose.

Bose is also the current Fiji Rugby Regional Development Officer 5.

Being in the sports arena for many years, the 38-year-old shared his story on how sports could change a person’s life.

The Yasawa native said he was grateful to his father for introducing him to sports.

“My father was a teacher, and this is where I was introduced to sports and developed an interest in rugby and athletics,” said Bose.

He then joined the FNU in 2009 to pursue his studies.

Bose’s career began with the Fiji Sports Commission as Assistant Sports Development Officer West in 2013.

In 2015, he was promoted to Sports Development Officer North, and later joined the Fiji Rugby Union in his current role.

“My responsibility includes looking after training and education, where we conduct courses like coaching, strength and condition, First Aid, admin courses, and also look after secondary and primary schools solely focusing on rugby,” he said.

“Nowadays, sports is becoming a big industry with many career pathways and opportunities. For instance, athletes are receiving major benefits like scholarships and professional contracts. This is exactly what we want for students, to be part of that journey and achieve similar success.”

The BSEES program, now in its second year with FNU’s College of Humanities and Education, is known to cater to the demands of the industry in the provision of qualified sports scientists to develop sports in Fiji and the region.

Presently, the BSEES program is the only sports science Degree program offered locally and regionally.

“I believe the FNU has set a great platform to study and to allow its students and graduates to go back and teach others in terms of sports development, wellness and physical activity.”