Regenvanu far from home in pursuit of passion

Press Release Posted On: February 27, 2023

Washita Regenvanu.

Washita Regenvanu’s passion for sailing led him to pursue his dream of becoming a sea captain at the Fiji National University’s (FNU), Fiji Maritime Academy (FMA).

 All the way from Uripiv Island on the Northern coast of Malekula Island in Vanuatu, the 23-year-old made his maiden journey to Fiji to study the Diploma in Nautical Science (L5) programme at FNU.

“I chose to study this field because I love working on boats and travelling around the island,” he said.

“My parents are both teachers back in Vanuatu, I have two sisters in my family, and this is my first time here in Fiji. I look forward to the experience of learning in a new country.”

Regenvanu encourages other Ni-Vanuatu citizens to choose FNU to pursue their academic aspirations.

“I chose FMA as I know they can help me achieve my goals,” he shared. “I would like to encourage students back in Vanuatu who are wishing to further their tertiary education to choose FNU.”

Washita Regenvanu (left) and Maika Drodrolagi at Fiji National University’s (FNU) Fiji Maritime Academy (FMA).

“Make FNU your institution of study, because at FNU, they provide every aspect of training to accomplish your goals.”