Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, an exciting career option – Reddy

Press Release Posted On: September 21, 2021

Viklesh Reddy

The desire to work in a stimulating environment with different types of tools and machines prompted Fiji National University (FNU) graduate Viklesh Reddy to opt for a career in the Technical and Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) sector.

Reddy pursued Trade Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning from FNU’s College of Engineering, Science and Technology (CEST).

“Most of the modern buildings and structures require some sort of refrigeration and air conditioning features, which has created a lot of potential for career prospects in this field,” said Reddy.

“The careers in this field of work include design, engineering, installation and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial heating, cooling and refrigeration systems.”

According to Reddy, refrigeration and air conditioning are fast becoming a necessity as it makes life more comfortable and pleasant.

“Refrigeration has paved way for food preservation, medicine storage at appropriate temperatures while air conditioning has brought comfort and environmental temperature flexibility,” he shared.

“These technologies have become an important component of our everyday lives and will remain so in the future; both at personal and industrial levels. Therefore, I encourage youngsters to consider a career in this field.”

Reddy, who is a sales engineer at Aquaheat South Pacific Limited, highlighted that this field of work presented different types of challenges every day, making the work atmosphere interesting and exciting.

“I am part of the business development team whereby my task is to liaise with potential developers and other stakeholders to ensure accurate products are sold to them.”

Enjoying practical work, being mechanically minded and having a love for working in different settings have been the driving force behind Reddy’s success in his career so far.

“The most thrilling aspect of my job is to meet customers and explain in-depth to them about the air conditioning system or troubleshooting any issues in the air conditioning systems. The different types of issues in the systems give me the chance to learn something new almost every day.”

Originally from Siberia, Labasa, Reddy said the programme at FNU provided him with the knowledge and skills to excel in his career.

“I am grateful to have studied under field experts who offered insight into the latest processes in the field and the tools used to conduct my work efficiently. I was able to learn how to install, maintain, service equipment to industry standards.”

“The practical sessions were intense as we strived to put theory into practice as correctly as possible. This attitude helped us, students, to develop a better understanding of the concepts. We were able to identify our weaknesses and worked towards developing solutions to overcome those.”

“The skills that I acquired during this programme have contributed to the success of my career and made me enjoy what I do for a living.”

Reddy also acknowledged the guidance and support of his parents in his career choice.