Prasad leaves the FNU tent inspired at the Tailevu Careers Expo

Press Release Posted On: June 14, 2024

Tailevu North College’s Deputy Headgirl, Shritika Prasad.

Tailevu North College’s Deputy Headgirl, Shritika Prasad, left the Fiji National University’s tent at the career’s expo feeling inspired and excited about her future tertiary prospects.

Fiji National University (FNU) was proud to be part of the Tailevu Careers Expo at Tailevu North College today, where hundreds of Tailevu students’ questions were answered.

Prasad, who is currently studying pure commercial studies, said not only did FNU officials answer her questions, but they also provided more prospective career options that aligned with her choice of subjects.

“I visited the FNU tent today to inquire about the further studies I can pursue in the field of economics, and all my questions were answered very thoroughly,” Prasad added.

“Thank you, FNU, for coming to Tailevu North College today! We are grateful for the opportunity given to our college to host this careers expo in Tailevu.”

Wainibuka Secondary School teacher Siteri Tinai, who was present with the students at the Careers Expo in Tailevu today.

“I found the Careers Expo today very informative. I can see the students from my school asking a lot of questions, and I can see that their answers are very well answered by the FNU officials that are here,” Tinai said.

Fiji National University (FNU) was proud to be part of the Tailevu Careers Expo at Tailevu North College today.

“I think it is very informative and helpful, not only to the students but to us teachers as well, who will be going back and introducing or explaining this information to the students back home.”

Wainibuka Secondary School teacher Siteri Tinai.

As a proud graduate of FNU herself, Tinai recommends the university to the other students.

Chief Guest at the Tailevu North College’s Careers Expo and Korovou District Officer, Dausiga Nakaora, said he was grateful to the Ministry of Education for reviving this fair in Tailevu after a lapse of four years.

“Thank you so much for the initiative and understanding the very need for our students to map their career pathway right from early childhood to Year 13,” he said.

“Career education is training the child to use their education, skills, and knowledge to lead a productive life regardless of their situation. For example, a child returning to the village will be able to identify their God-given talent and use it to execute his dream or his goals.”

“Our little town here in Korovou offers only a handful of employment opportunities for you students to become employed in.

“Looking around, you may be able to see an abundance of land and unexplored territories that will not only be able to employ you but also make you an employer. The opportunity is here for us to grab, and in return, we can grow our little town together.