Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is here to assist you in your learning journey again!

Posted On: March 1, 2020

CLTE is offering PAL support for the following units this semester: HTS502, MKT501, ECN502, ACC501, BNK501, BNK503, ETH501, EDU558, EDU651, AEX511, AGO621, NUR511, PHY402, MTH410 AND MTH404.

PAL Leaders for the above courses have been successfully trained at Natabua, Labasa and CAFF campuses in week 2.

All students are strongly advised to take full advantage of this free-of-charge service starting in week 4.

PAL is for all students taking the above courses—whether they are struggling, doing OK or are high achievers.

PAL Leaders will lead group discussions and facilitate collaborative learning among students that will help them master the contents of the above courses.

Students can just turn up for the sessions as scheduled.

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PAL Leaders at Labasa Campus                                      PAL Training at Natabua Campus

For further information on PAL schedule and other details, you can visit