Orientation week for new students commences at FNU

Press Release Posted On: January 27, 2020

The excited chatter of newly-enrolled students could be heard throughout the hall during the Fiji National University’s (FNU), first Orientation session which began this morning at the College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (CAFF) in Koronivia.

Students were officially welcomed by FNU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nigel Healey, who informed the fresher’s that they were entering University at an interesting time in their lives.

“We welcome you as the newest members to join our ranks, you’ve worked very hard to reach this point in your lives,” Prof Healey said.

“I’m sure you’re excited to be embarking on a new venture. University is your opportunity to grow intellectually and personally and become who you want to be in life.”

“The good news is that the FNU family is here to support you in your journey. Our academic staff are here to teach, mentor and guide you in your studies. Our student services team is here to give you and the counselling and advice you need to access the help.”

“Our professional services divisions in areas like the library, finance, catering and accommodation are here to ensure you have the resources and facilities to succeed in your studies.”

Prof Healey advised the students that the FNU Students’ Association (FNUSA) would also be on hand to support members with a range of social and cultural events to make their time at FNU as enjoyable and enriching as possible.

Dean CAFF, Professor Paul Iji, added that students studying at the College in the Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and Veterinary Science fields would be provided high quality education and experience hands-on learning.

“These are outdoor professions and so we are here to train you for the outdoors,” Prof Iji said.

“You have made the right choice to choose this place to study. We are teaching you to create your own jobs, set up your own farms, set up your own forestry business. Be a vet doctor with your own white coat in your clinic.

“We place emphasis on entrepreneurship. We want you to create your jobs.”

Prof Iji said the newly-enrolled students would be assisted by the staff, current students and alumni to adapt to their new learning environment to ensure they succeed throughout their study period at the College.

“You have made the right choice to choose this place to study. We are all here to help you succeed.”

“University is a fun place. I want you to study, have fun and be open to new experiences, ideas and challenges.”

Brief presentations by the various divisions and support services at the College were made so students were aware of the services and facilities available to them. A campus tour was also organised, with current students conducting site tours to laboratories, library, common areas, cafeteria and classrooms.

Among the students being welcomed on campus were trio Deepshika Prakash, Namarata Maan and Kritesh Kumar.

The former Tilak High School students from Lautoka said the orientation provided them with the information they needed to begin their higher education journey at FNU.

The three are enrolled in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Higher Education Diploma in Animal Health programmes respectively.

“We chose to study at FNU because of the quality and range of programmes they offer us,” Prakash said.

“We were happy to hear the Dean say during his speech that students will get hands-on learning because that is the best way to learn. We will also be on industrial attachment before we graduate so by the end of our programmes we will have the skills and qualifications needed,” Kumar added.

Orientation sessions will be held at all FNU Campuses and Centres throughout the week.

From left; Deepshika Prasad, Namarata Maan and Kritesh Kumar at the CAFF orientation at FNU.

From left; Deepshika Prasad, Namarata Maan and Kritesh Kumar at the CAFF orientation at FNU.