Moodle Workshops commence for 2019

Posted On: January 22, 2019


The Centre for Flexible & E-Learning (CFEL) commenced its first round of Moodle workshops for 2019. The latest workshops focused on the newly introduced FNU Moodle template, along with the new features of Moodle 3.6 which was implemented in December 2018. The workshops move beyond the technical aspects and refocuses academic staff on the pedagogical aspects of the learning management system, particularly the “why” and not just the “how”. CFEL conducted 3 sessions for the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS) on 18-19 & 21 January at the School of Public Health & Primary Care, and the Pasifika Campus. Turnitin, a plagiarism assessment tool was a core component of the Moodle workshops focusing on its capability to enhance student writing and not as a punitive tool. Upcoming workshops are scheduled for the College of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (CAFF) and the College of Business, Hospitality & Tourism Studies (CBHTS) shortly. Learning Technologist’s from CFEL, Ms. Sania Chambers-Selu and Mr. Ralph Buadromo are facilitating these workshops.

For more information about the CFEL workshops, please contact: lt-cfel(at)