Kumar enjoys working on motor vehicles

Press Release Posted On: January 6, 2022

Kunal Kaartike Kumar at his workplace.

Following your passion is important to have a fulfilling and rewarding career. These are the words of Kunal Kaartike Kumar who pursued his education and training at Fiji National University’s (FNU) National Training and Productivity Centre and now is a successful auto technician employed at a leading motor company in Suva.

The 23-year-old studied Automotive Electrical and Electronics and has a Trade Test Certificate in Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronics Class III. According to Kumar, his qualifications and continued interest in motor vehicles aided in his career advancement.

“I have always loved cars and my interest continued to develop as I undertook my studies at NTPC. Once I graduated I was able to enter the workforce and continued to excel, gaining more knowledge and experience as I followed my passion,” said Kumar.

“Hybrid Vehicle is currently a craze for the universe, and so it is for Fiji. There is a lot of coverage on Hybrid in the NTPC programmes. I recommend NTPC’s Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronics programme to anyone who wishes to gain training in these areas.”

“NTPC training provided in this area is also on par where a Hybrid vehicle is used as a live demo. Appropriate tools are available in the workshop, classroom and workshops are well maintained, and the trainer delivering has boundless of knowledge which is imparted to us without any heists,” Kumar proudly said.

“Upon attending the FNU-NTPC programmes, I feel a lot more comfortable in carrying out the duties at my current job at RK Motors Ltd. In this organisation, I see a great opportunity to get vast hands-on experience, as it deals with anything you talk about a motor vehicle maintenance.”

“I am able to perform the job of motor vehicle mechanics, electrical and electronics systems, and body alignment and panel beating that all run embraced to make the whole vehicle function as required. To my knowledge, they are not in isolation; only that they are segregated a bit at trade level.”

Kumar said looking at the vehicle electrical system and how it worked kindled a lot into his mind, and he later chose to study in the same field.

“There has been extensive coverage of classroom-based classes. I was more overwhelmed with practical coverage. Each student was given an equal opportunity on the hands-on feel of how to deal with what was covered in the classrooms and even more.”

“The trainer, with extensive knowledge, kept guiding the group to tackle fault situations and the functionality of Motor Vehicle Electronics. The coverage is such that one who is looking towards getting a Trade Certificate in this area will feel more comfortable in attempting to achieve that,” he explained.

“Working on vehicles is my passion. I enrolled for Certificate 3 in Motor Vehicle Mechanics which is offered at FNU’s Derrick Campus. It was a rewarding journey.”

“We had few motor cars at home, and I always joined in, especially my uncle, whenever a repair was to be carried out in Mechanical, Electrical and Panel Beating. I don’t mind getting grease or paint on my hands. Even at school, my technical subject marks assessments were always better, and that made me the sense that I am a man of the technical field.”

Kumar aims to continue his studies at the Fiji National University in the future. He encourages prospective students who have a similar passion to him to join FNU in 2022.

NTPC also offers specialised evening courses and customised in-house programmes to stay up with the changes in today’s labour market.

NTPC programmes are taught by specialists with appropriate trade credentials and relevant industrial experience.

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