Knowledge increases by sharing – Farhat

Press Release Posted On: June 7, 2021

Wasima Shagufa Farhat.

Peer learning is a beneficial method of learning as it not only enables students to improve their grades but also better understand the subject matter, apply the knowledge gained during their studies and enables them to share their ideas and experiences with colleagues.

Some students may feel more comfortable interacting and asking questions regarding their course units from peers instead of their lecturers.

Through peer interactions, they could also gain more confidence and be more vocal in lectures and tutorials. For Wasima Shagufa Farhat, helping equip students with the necessary support tools they need to have a successful University learning experience is something she is proud of.

Farhat is a Year 2 student at the Fiji National University’s (FNU) Labasa Campus and is enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and Information Systems programme.

She is also a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader, offering mentoring to students in the Introduction to Business Management (MGT501) and Introduction to Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations (HRM501) units.

“When I learnt about the PAL initiative, I applied to be a PAL mentor because I used to face difficulties as a student and knew what it was like to have a support group made up of other students who all helped each other to understand and pass the units,” she explained.

“I also firmly believe that our knowledge increases by sharing and not saving.”

During her sessions, which are conducted online through Zoom, the former Labasa College student said that she ensures that each student has a chance to voice their concerns or queries regarding the unit.

The group collectively work towards the solutions and are encouraged to present their knowledge and ideas through various means such as presentations and during their round table discussions.

“It is quite a rewarding experience seeing these students improve their marks and complete the units with good grades.”

“PAL is really in the best interest of the students themselves as they are the benefactors of this initiative,” she said.