FNU’s HR & IR programme prepares graduates to build a career in the ‘people profession’

Press Release Posted On: June 16, 2021

Divya Singh

Divya Darshani Singh believes industrial relations and human resource management is an important profession that requires businesses, employers and policymakers to have a sound understanding of the elements that shape workplaces and find the right balance to build strong relationships with employees and stakeholders.

The significant role of the professionals in this field led Singh to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial Relations (IR) and Human Resource Management (HRM) and Management from Fiji National University’s (FNU) College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies (CBHTS).

“We are living in a complex and interconnected world where the nature of work is rapidly changing and organisations must develop procedures, techniques, principles and methods to increase productivity keeping in mind the best interests of the employees,” said Singh.

“Employees may not always be well versed with the labour laws and their rights, thus, this is where I want to assist them with my knowledge.”

“I also want to make my contributions in drafting strategies and effective training plans that will greatly assist employees with personal and professional development whilst ensuring the organisation also achieves its goals in the process.”

According to Singh, FNU has moulded her well for the workforce and has given her precious uni-life experiences that she will cherish forever.

“I chose FNU for this programme because the lecturers here provide a great deal of guidance to students. The University also requires six months attachment for this programme before graduation, which assisted in building my skills in the field and simply getting the exposure to work as an intern was an overwhelming experience.”

“My student life at FNU is one of the most cherished years of memories of great friendship with new students, especially with international students. Our assignment presentations were always fun. This was always a great opportunity to bond with other students and get to know them better and this helped in team building and bonding,” she added.

Interested students can visit the FNU website on www.fnu.ac.fj  to learn more. Enrolment for Semester II, 2021 is currently underway.

Prospective students can also text on 857 or email on admission@fnu.ac.fj if they face difficulties completing the process online or need further information on enrolment.