FNU offers free reskilling and upskilling courses

Press Release Posted On: December 14, 2021


The Fiji National University (FNU) will offer a range of reskilling and upskilling courses free of charge to interested students who meet the criteria, from next year, thanks to a 1 million dollar grant from the Fijian Government as announced in the 2021 national budget.

FNU Vice-Chancellor Professor Toby Wilkinson said the courses are designed to reskill and upskill those who have lost their jobs due to the economic impact of the pandemic and prepare them for new jobs and successful careers in the same or different industries.

“Each of the courses has been designed in partnership with industry to meet the evolving needs of the labour market. For example, the tourism and hospitality sector has lost thousands of jobs in the past 18 months and will need to re-hire staff to meet rising demand once borders fully re-open. But tourism in the future will not be the same as it was before COVID-19. Tourists will be more discerning, and Fiji’s tourism offer will have to adapt in order to thrive in a more competitive environment,” stated VC Professor Toby Wilkinson.

Professor Wilkinson mentioned that across all employment sectors, for individuals and companies alike, there is an urgent need to reskill and upskill to meet the demands of the post-pandemic economy.

“FNU’s short courses, in areas like digital marketing, office automation and cyber security, provide the essential skills needed for individuals to gain jobs in the growing e-commerce sector.”


To qualify for the free Reskilling and Upskilling placement at FNU, prospective students will have to submit a Statutory Declaration of unemployability due to COVID-19, a valid photo ID, TIN details along with their birth certificate.

All applications are to be submitted by 22 December 2021. Visit this link to complete the form: www.fnu.ac.fj/study/apply

The first round of short courses will be offered in January 2022.

The courses offered are as follows:

National Training and Productivity Centre

  • Management Development and Leadership – Hospitality
  • Manage Payroll
  • Strategic Planning, Effective Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Construction Fundamentals
  • Plumbing Basics
  • Tile Laying
  • Brick Laying
  • Plastering Basics

College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies

  • Business Startups
  • E-Commercial and Digital Marketing
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • New Tourism Soft Skills
  • Basic Operations in a Call Centre

College of Engineering, Science and Technology

  • Analysis of Cloud Data Management
  • Office Automation
  • Diagnose and Repair AHVAC
  • Cyber Security Digital Platform
  • Data Communication and Networking
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Explore the Uses and Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Professional Certificate in Vehicle Inspection

For further information or clarification visit www.fnu.ac.fj or contact the following staff:


Pritika Mala pritika.m@fnu.ac.fj General enquiries
Eric Jioji eric.jioje@fnu.ac.fj Business and Hospitality courses
Vasenai Kereni vasenai.kereni@fnu.ac.fj Engineering courses
Jerry Wong jerry.wong@fnu.ac.fj Education courses
Dr Jayantha Weerasinghe jayantha.w@fnu.ac.fj Medical courses
Esava Tabua Esava.tabua@fnu.ac.fj Agricultural courses
Taslim Mohammed taslim.mohammed@fnu.ac.fj Maritime courses
Sanjeshni Reddy info.ntpc@fnu.ac.fj NTPC courses
FNU Outreach team outreach@fnu.ac.fj TVET courses