FNU meets members of Wailevu in Labasa

Press Release Posted On: July 11, 2024

FNU conducting Outreach Programme in Soleve in Labasa.

The Fiji National University successfully interacted with the members of the public in Wailevu in Labasa through the planned religious functions, meetings and 7-a-side Soccer Bazaar Tournament to connect individuals to their dreams.

FNU Acting Manager Outreach Vijayta Sharma said the FNU Team was excited to meet the people and assisted them with the right information about their career choices and their children’s career choices.

Match officials and team captains with the FNU Prospectus.

“We had an engaging session at the football tournament and at the other functions with the residents of Wailevu in Labasa. We understand there are people who are living outside Labasa with limited information. Our programme was designed to address this disparity by delivering essential information directly to their communities,” Sharma said.

“The Fiji National University recognises the transformative power of education. Our outreach programmes aim to dismantle geographical barriers to knowledge by bringing essential educational resources directly to communities in Labasa.”

In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Goal 4 Quality Education, the Fiji National University (FNU) demonstrates a strong commitment to serving people and communities through its emphasis on quality education (SDG 4).

FNU’s targeted outreach programmes prioritise underserved regions, fostering inclusive and equitable access to knowledge.

Members of the Tabucola Bhajan Madali attending the FNU’s Outreach Programme.

FNU is a dual-sector University that provides Higher Education and Technical, Vocational and Education Training programmes for individuals to pursue and secure a successful career.

Koronasau Development Group President Mohammed Jabbar took the opportunity to deliver an important message to young and old footballers on the importance of education.

“I am thankful to FNU and the team for coming to our community and making themselves available to talk about the programmes and courses available and how our students can make the most of it,” he said.

“By equipping individuals with the necessary tools for success, FNU directly contributes to the social and economic development of Fijian communities.”

Another resident, 66-year-old Rahendra, said education would help the children have a better future and also contribute towards the success of the nation.

“I am glad your team is here. I appreciate the fact that you came to the interior with information for the students and parents. During our time, we did not have any visits, but I am quite happy that the students now have all the resources to make wise decisions for their careers,” he said.

FNU will conduct further outreach programmes in other areas in the future.