FNU marks International Day of Peace

Press Release Posted On: September 25, 2020

Dr May said youths were the agents of change who could drive discussions on peace.


Youths are the agents of change that can drive discussions on peace in a respective manner that is sensitive to everyone’s needs.

These were the words of Fiji National University’s (FNU), Acting Vice-Chancellor Dr William May during the International Peace Day commemoration at Pasifika Campus this week.

The event was organised by FNU’s Student Association (FNUSA) in conjunction with the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).

Dr May said youths are an integral part of society and had various platforms and opportunities that allowed them to advocate for peaceful communities and nations.

Dr William May.

“It is in your best interest as part of society to make a change. You (youths) are the elements and agents of change,” he said.

“You can discuss challenging, sensitive, common and contemporary issues about our progress in a way that is sensitive to everyone’s needs.”

“Nobody wants to live in chaos, and everybody deserves a better future.”

He said that peace was not only about the absence of violence but being available to help others when needed.

“Peace is also about giving. You give to people your time, your resources, your ideas, what you’ve learnt, and you give to people your love, compassion, humanness and kindness.”

Dr May added that the greatest weapon in maintaining peace was education and awareness amongst our people.

Santosh Neupane.

UPF Ocenic Director, Santosh Neupane said that core family values could help promote and instil peace amongst families, communities and the world.

“The family, the fundamental and natural unit of society, is where the minds and hearts of every human being are formed,” Neupane said.

“The best psychological, sociological and biological research to date suggests that on average men and women bring different gifts to the parenting enterprise, that children benefit from having parents with distinct parenting styles, and that family breakdown poses a serious threat to children and to the societies in which they live.”

Various youth representatives also shared their views during a panel discussion at the event.