FNU conducts outreach to Tailevu villages

Press Release Posted On: August 9, 2023

Villagers visiting the FNU booth during the Mini Roadshow in Tailevu.

The Fiji National University (FNU) ventured deep into Tailevu North to interact with the villages and provide awareness on the programmes and services offered by the University.

The team served the people of the Namena, Dawasamu, Nakorotubu, and Sawakasa areas, comprising 22 villages.

This outreach initiative ensured that information regarding tertiary studies at the University was provided to the communities first-hand.

Vuniani Dakuwaqa, the Youth Leader of Namena Circuit Methodist Church Youth Fellowship, expressed gratitude to FNU for visiting the village to help people enrol and choose a career path.

FNU staff assisting a villager to apply for enrollment during the Mini Roadshow.

“The FNU team provided information on the courses the villagers wanted to pursue. Our focus is on the three Es: Evangelism, Education, and Economy. We invited organisations that contribute to any of these Es, and FNU is contributing towards education,” he said.

“In the district, there are 28 villages with nearly 2000 residents. Most of them were able to receive advice and services during the Dawasamu Roadshow. We plan to hold this event annually, and our vision is to make it the biggest festival in the Tailevu North area within the next five to six years.”

Fifty-five-year-old Qelekuro Villager, Patemosi Basaga, shared that the mini roadshow provided him with knowledge about FNU’s courses and programmes, which he intends to pass on to the youths of the villages.

“My main concern is for the youth in our community. Some have recently completed their education up to form six (Year 12), while others are idling around with limited opportunities for farming work. I have encouraged them to take the initiative to visit Fiji National University (FNU) and seek guidance on choosing a successful career path,” he said.

“The presence of FNU was incredibly valuable for our village, especially considering our remote location. Thanks to FNU, we have access to expert advice and knowledge that we can learn from, and even the opportunity to pursue higher studies for a brighter future.”

FNU’s College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (CAFF), Forest Technician, Makereta Lomavatu, said the outreach activity served as a beacon of hope for prospective students as they embarked on their personal journeys of growth, success, and fulfillment.

“The team had an engaging and effective two-day outreach activity, and we took time to communicate with the villagers, youths and students on the study and career pathways they undertake at FNU,” she said.

“Through genuine interactions and heartfelt conversations, the team became the guiding light for those seeking direction in their educational and professional pursuits. They patiently listened to each individual’s dreams, aspirations, and concerns, tailoring their advice to cater to unique talents and interests.”

“The team not only shared information but also instilled a sense of empowerment, fostering a belief that education is not just a means to an end but a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. We conveyed the message that education goes beyond academic boundaries, encompassing the development of essential life skills, critical thinking abilities, and resilience in the face of challenges.”