FNU conducts outreach programme at Rotuma Day Celebration

Press Release Posted On: May 21, 2024

A group of people posing with the FNU prospectus at the Rotuma Day Celebration held at the Vodafone Arena.

The Fiji National University Outreach Team was part of the Rotuma Day Celebration held at the Vodafone Arena in Suva on Saturday.

The team raised awareness of the programmes and courses available at the Fiji National University for individuals who want to pursue studies in their field of interest.

According to Manager Outreach Ropate Robi, it was a proud moment for the Fiji National University to be part of Rotuma Day, which is a significant event that transcends its historical roots and is a powerful testament to the enduring spirit and cultural identity of the Rotuman people.

“Rotuma Day is a vibrant occasion for the Rotuman people of Fiji. However, the day has evolved into much more than just a historical commemoration. “Rotuman dances and music fill the air, showcasing the island’s unique heritage, and exquisite handicrafts are displayed, reflecting the skills and artistry passed down through generations and traditional dishes being shared, creating a community atmosphere centered around Rotuman cuisine,” Robi said.

“We interacted with the people who came to be part of the Rotuma Day, highlighting and assisting with the different career paths available for them to pursue.

“It is our duty to educate our people on the courses and programmes that they can pursue, as we want to see them grow and develop themselves personally and professionally.”

School Teacher Eve Aisea travelled with her children from Vatukoula, Tavua, to Rotuma Day, where she also visited the FNU booth.

“I am a proud graduate of FNU, having completed a Diploma in Education Primary in 2017 and a Bachelor of Education Primary in 2019.”

“My time at FNU has not only enriched my professional development as a teacher, but it has also equipped me to support and guide my children as they explore their own educational aspirations.

“My children also set their future goals as they enquired about the potential career paths they could take in their future.”

Another graduate, Raina Petero, said the day marks an important event in the lives of the Rotuman people, and FNU’s presence would assist people in making good decisions.

“Through the Rotuma Day, we are able to keep the Rotuman culture alive,” she said.

“I graduated with a Diploma in Architectural Drafting from the College of Engineering and Technical Vocational and Education Training in 2019, and I am successfully working today.”