FNU and HFH Fiji collaboration to benefit 120 students

Press Release Posted On: September 16, 2021

FNU’s NTPC student during practical class.

Habitat for Humanity Fiji (HFH) has partnered with Fiji National University’s (FNU) National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC) to deliver three certified construction training from its Community-Based Non-Formal Education (CBNFE) program.

Funded by the United Nations Development Program, the training under this agreement will include Wooden House Construction, Block House Construction and Sanitation and Household plumbing.

FNU’s NTPC and HFH Fiji will develop the construction knowledge skills of 120 students through the delivery of Construction Training while constructing four Ministry of Housing (MoH) houses in disaster-threatened communities. These houses are designed to a Category 4 cyclone resilience.

FNU Vice-Chancellor Professor Toby Wilkinson said the University is delighted to collaborate with HFH to equip the communities with skills and education that would empower them to sustain their livelihoods.

FNU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Toby Wilkinson

He said each training will undertake theory and hands-on instruction of construction techniques taught by three NTPC trainers. Successful students will achieve a Certificate of Attainment from FNU.

“Throughout the training, students will be tasked with building a cyclone-resilient block and timber house with a bathroom, designed by the Ministry of Housing & Community Development (MoH&CD).”

“Through this project, students will have the opportunity to gain further skills in carpentry, masonry and plumbing, which will enable them to gain entry into further courses or employment in the building industry.”

HFH Fiji recognises that there is a shortage of trained carpenters in Fiji and a need for entry-level training.

Shelter Program Manager at HFH Fiji, Michael Hill said, “The inclusion of constructing a home gives students hands on experience and enables them to contribute substantially to the construction of their homes and those of their fellow community members.”

“The primary focus of the  CBNFE program is to train and empower rural and maritime communities and villages with practical life skills and knowledge that are considered relevant and necessary to sustain their livelihoods.”

“The CBNFE program is also geared towards influencing these communities to effectively utilize their available resources, encourage entrepreneurship and empower women and youths through changing attitudes and life-skills that help to sustain their livelihoods.”

“This program also plays a proactive role in the fight against the drastic impacts of climate change through its skills training programs. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction efforts after disasters are promptly administered when those affected are equipped with trade and life-skills that help to construct resilient housing  and sustain their livelihoods.”

Hill added that HFH Fiji carpenters and NTPC trainers will work collaboratively on construction sites to enable training to be delivered to students effectively.