Fiji National University Emphasizes the Vitality of Creative Arts Education

Press Release Posted On: September 21, 2023

Associate Dean TVET – College of Humanities and Education, Mr Jerry Wong

In an effort to nurture talent and promote holistic development, Fiji National University’s College of Humanities and Education places great emphasis on the paramount importance of studying creative arts in today’s evolving world.

The Associate Dean of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) at the College, Jerry Wong, spoke passionately about the significance of embracing creative arts within the academic framework.

“Creative arts education is a vital facet of a well-rounded education. It cultivates creativity, critical thinking, and innovation, essential skills in today’s dynamic job market,” stated Associate Dean Wong.

“Through creative arts studies, students enhance their ability to think outside the box, solve problems innovatively, and express themselves effectively.”

The Associate Dean also highlighted the cultural and societal contributions of creative arts education, stating that in Fiji and beyond, creative arts are deeply interwoven with our cultural heritage.

“Studying creative arts not only preserves our traditions but also propels our nation’s artistic and cultural landscape onto the global stage.”

“FNU remains committed to nurturing aspiring artists and providing a platform for them to develop their artistic abilities, ensuring a promising future for the creative arts and the individuals who pursue this enriching field of study,” he stressed.

“You can learn more about pursuing a career in creative arts at the College of Humanities and Education booth at the upcoming FNU Open Day from the 5 to the 7th of October at our Naduna, Namaka, Natabua and Nasinu campuses,” added Associate Dean Wong.