Development to continue at the Naiyaca Campus in Labasa

Press Release Posted On: March 15, 2024

The Fiji National University (FNU) is publicly confirming its plans to restart the development of the new Naiyaca Campus in Labasa, a decision arising from the 58th FNU Council Meeting held in Labasa on Monday 11 March as part of its ambitious endeavour to enhance educational access and promote regional development.

FNU Vice-Chancellor Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba took office in November last year and has a clear vision for the university’s role in advancing education development, access and equity, and fostering sustainable regional development.

“Naiyaca Campus represents a significant leap forward in providing quality educational opportunities to the people of Macuata, Bua, Cakaudrove provinces, and beyond,” said Professor Nabobo-Baba.

“We are dedicated to making higher education and TVET more accessible and aligning our efforts with the government’s commitment to equitable resource distribution.”

Under the auspices of the Fijian Government’s Look-North Policy, Professor Nabobo-Baba asserts that the new campus is a strategic move by FNU to extend its educational reach and support equitable resource distribution.

“The university is committed to serving the people of the Northern Division,” stated Professor Nabobo-Baba, underscoring the project’s alignment with national priorities.

“The establishment and the completion of this campus aligns with the government’s commitment to equitable distribution of resources and opportunities across Fiji,” Professor Nabobo-Baba highlighted.

By promoting research and innovation through collaborative efforts between academia and industry partners, FNU aims to tackle local challenges and stimulate sustainable development within the Northern Division.

“Curricula will range from certificate courses to advanced degrees, ensuring inclusivity and catering to a diverse student body. Integrating practical experiences such as internships with industry partnerships into academic programmes ensures that graduating students are well-prepared for either entering the workforce or launching their enterprises.”

The Vice-Chancellor emphasised that by enabling education in high-demand fields such as agriculture, tourism, and entrepreneurship, Naiyaca Campus will directly contribute to local economic empowerment and growth, in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as Fiji’s National Development Plan goals.