DAV Girls College scoops major prize during FNU’s 2021 Virtual Open Week

Press Release Posted On: September 22, 2021

FNU Vice-Chancellor Professor Toby WIlkinson officiates the major draw for Virtual Open Week.

The Fiji National University (FNU) congratulates DAV Girls College and Jokaveti Saroivai Kubu for winning the major school and individual category prizes respectively as part of the FNU’s 2021 Virtual Open Week (VOW).

DAV Girls College walked away with a laptop, printer and a projector while Jokaveti won a tablet.

FNU’s 2021 VOW successfully concluded last Friday with participants joining the live Zoom sessions and the Social Media pages to gain an insight into the programmes offered by the University.

Principal of DAV Girls College, Sahindra Kumar said the prize has come as a blessing for the school as they will utilise the laptop, printer and projector for their classes.

Principal of DAV Girls College, Sahindra Kumar.

“I am extremely surprised and overjoyed with the win,” said Kumar.

“The Virtual Open Week is the way forward in educating the students about the courses and programmes offered by the University, how tertiary education is like, what campus life is all about and how to enjoy life while getting the best education from a renowned University.”

“The week-long program was well planned and conducted. Our students eagerly took part in the information-sharing sessions. I would like to thank the University for its thoughts on having a marvellous week-long program. Our best wishes for future events,” Kumar added.

FNU Vice-Chancellor Professor Toby Wilkinson, while officiating the major draw congratulated and acknowledged the winners for their participation.

“Open days play an important role in assisting the students to make informed decisions while choosing their study programmes and of course the right institution that will help them realise their dreams,” said VC Wilkinson.

“The University is pleased to assist the students in making this important decision about their future. We will continue to serve our region by offering programmes that will produce the much-needed labour skills for the regional markets.”