Chand defies the odds to become a doctor

Press Release Posted On: February 3, 2023

Mumta Chand with her family during the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences graduation ceremony.

Mumta Chand was diagnosed with spinal bifida at birth and underwent a surgery at five days old. Over two decades later, Chand is now a doctor after receiving her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at the Fiji National University (FNU) graduation ceremony last December.

She is not letting her walking difficulties become an obstacle in her career as the 24-yearold displayed humility and warmth and was seen smiling and celebrating her achievement with friends and relatives.

Chand, who is originally from Rakiraki, stated that it was her commitment and enthusiasm that led her to her destination.

“I had myelomeningocele at birth and was operated on for that when I was five days old. I had a small bulge on my lower back when I was born which contained part of the spinal cord and fluid, so I underwent a surgery to have it corrected.

One of the complications of that was slow growth of one leg leading to my walking problem.

“I am thankful to my parents for their steadfast support in the hardest times of my life and for celebrating my every little success from kindergarten until today. They are the only reason I was able to do everything that I have done.”

The former Penang Sangam High School scholar stated that she chose to work in the medical field to serve the people of Fiji.

“I feel that serving the people is the noblest and most important thing one can do, and perhaps I was picked to carry out this duty to the people of Fiji. The knowledge and skills I have gained will stay with me, and I will be able to help people by curing them,” she stated with a pleased smile.

“My ambition of becoming a doctor was achieved after many years of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.” “I became interested in being a doctor after seeing doctors in white coats moving around with stethoscopes. I was captivated, and from there a dream was born, which has now become a reality.”

According to Chand, the path of hardships, sacrifices, and devotion frequently led to rewarding destinations. “A person’s disability should not be a barrier,” she remarked.

“You have high dreams, achieve them and make your parents proud. I feel that having to go around a lot at times may be challenging for me, but I will not let this stop me from helping people and doing my best.”

She said the move from Rakiraki to study in Suva was a transition she managed with the support of her family.

“You must be focused on your goals, but it does not exclude you from having a social life; one should constantly balance their lives. I had many sleepless nights throughout exams, although we did go out to chill out with friends afterward,” Chand shared.

“It is not that medical courses are difficult. I believe all courses have their challenges, nevertheless, do not discourage yourself from pursuing MBBS at FNU because the University offers quality education and learning facilities.”

Chand hopes to further specialise in Anesthesia.

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