216 participants graduate from FNU’s SLP programme

Press Release Posted On: May 7, 2024

Somes of the graduates with the Chief Guest Commissioner Northern and Chief Guest Uraia Rainima at the graduation.

In pursuit of its goal to equip rural communities and villages with essential practical skills and knowledge pertinent to both immediate and future sustainable needs, the Fiji National University recently facilitated graduation upon 216 participants from Vunivutu, Macuata, in Labasa.

The Sustainable Livelihood Project (SLP) Training, facilitated by FNU’s National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC), was orchestrated to foster sustainable livelihood development within rural and maritime communities via its non-formal education department.

Commissioner Northern and Chief Guest Uraia Rainima at the graduation ceremony.

Commissioner Northern and Chief Guest Uraia Rainima challenged the graduates to make a change in their communities and help in the development of the country.

“Use the learning to good use, and you should be proud of yourself. Having these new skills and knowledge is just like having a new pair of legs with a lot of strengths, which can empower you to walk on a new path that no one in the village has ever walked on,” Rainima said.

“Use the superpower that you have been given today, you rise to your new level, and the certificates given to you are to remind you that you have a superpower that you have.

“If you continue to go overseas, then there will be no one left behind here in developing this place, so you have a responsibility to make a change here.”

FNU Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor Corporate Tiko Domonakibau said through the collaborative efforts of FNU and the unwavering support of the community partners, the participants managed to complete 14 comprehensive training programmes.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations on your remarkable achievements, your determination and commitment have paved the way for a brighter future, not only for yourself but for your families, communities, tikinas, and for our beloved nation, Fiji,” he said.

“I am so proud to announce that a total of 216 students will be graduating today, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards personal and professional life and growth as well. Among them, we have 140 male graduates, representing around 65% of the cohort, and 76 female graduates, or 35% of our distinguished women. This diverse representation is a testament to our commitment to gender equality and inclusivity in education and workforce development.”

Village Turaga-ni- Koro Jolame Tuilagi said he was thankful to the Fiji National University for taking the programme and courses to his village.

“This is a very exciting and interesting moment to see the villagers graduate from the various programmes offered by the Fiji National University,” Tuilagi said.

“The villagers will be able to earn a living through the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the two weeks of programme duration.

“I have been told that the villagers were really happy to have received their certificates during the graduation, and it would definitely open doors of opportunity for themselves and their families.”

Priya Prasad

Participant Priya Prasad, who graduated from the Office Administration course, said the course would enable her to enhance her productivity.

“This means a lot to me, and this would assist me in my career and at the workplace,” she said.

“This has been a very informative course where I managed to learn a lot of things in terms of office work, including how to file properly and manage day-to-day activities.”

Under the government-funded Sustainable Livelihood Project (SLP), participants successfully completed training in a variety of skills, including Wooden House Construction, Household and Sanitary Plumbing, Domestic Electrical, Solar Installation, Small Engine Repair, Cabinet Making and Joinery, Garment Construction, Screen Printing, Floriculture, Business Etiquette, and Fibreglass Boat Repair.