Revised COVID-19 Protocols – 11 August 2022

Posted On: August 11, 2022

Dear all,

The University is aware and deeply concerned with the current resurgence of COVID19 Transmission in and around the country.

There has also been a steady increase in the number of positive cases received among our staff and students from respective campuses.
A recent set of positive samples sent to the Fiji CDC Reference Laboratory in Melbourne for genomic sequencing confirms, what was expected; that we have the BA.5 strain of Omicron in the country. This finding is consistent with the recent significant overall increase in COVID-19 cases over the last few weeks coupled with the reported surges in BA.4/BA.5 globally.

In response to recent findings, Community and Workplace leaders have been advised by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to bring back many of the COVID safe measures that respective organizations have learned during the acute outbreak.

As a university, we need to be able to live with COVID by reducing the risk of vulnerable people getting COVID and/or suffering from severe consequences. COVID safe measures prevent us from getting COVID and reduce the risk of spread to the more vulnerable within the University and in the various communities we dwell in.

Effective from today (11 August 2022), the Fiji National University in line with MOHMS revised protocols on COVID-19, shall require the following practices to be implemented immediately under the following conditions:

  1. All persons with fever or cough must wear a mask and should immediately seek medical attention at the nearest health
    care facility. Wearing face masks is highly encouraged in crowded spaces.
  2. If staff or students receive a positive COVID result, he/she should immediately undergo the mandatory 7 days of isolation
    and therein produce a copy of the COVID positive certificate from a MoHMS-approved facility.
  3. After the 7 days of isolation, a clearance certificate must be produced before the resumption of work or studies.
  4. Masking is compulsory for all students who are undergoing mandatory peripheral attachments at designated COVID highrisk facilities (e.g., hospitals/health centers) and must undergo the routine testing program. All results must be reported to the General Practitioner, Dr. Henry Waqa by email: for further advice and response.
  5. The respective staff, students, service providers, and visitors must produce a vaccination card and a copy of a valid photo ID upon request by an FNU-approved security officer.
  6. Staff and students are encouraged to use sanitizers that are strategically located within their respective campuses. Regular hand washing with soap and wholesome water is strongly encouraged.
  7. All persons entering the campuses must ensure that proper coughing and sneezing etiquette is always practiced.

Your adherence to all articulated COVID Safe Protocols will help prevent the spread of the virus among yourselves and to our university patrons, particularly those individuals who are in the vulnerable age group and those that are living with pre-existing medical conditions.

Let us all continue to advocate for safe COVID measures among ourselves and in the communities, we live in. Let us look out for one another and be responsive to each other’s needs.

Please stay safe and take all necessary precautions.

Dr William May
Acting Vice-Chancellor