13/05/2021 FNU Study Update

Posted On: May 13, 2021

Dear Students,

Following the announcement of tighter curfew measures for Viti Levu, we would like to reassure all students that the University will support you through these challenging times. Your welfare remains our core focus.

FNU and FNUSA are working together closely to ensure that all students can complete their studies, and that no student is disadvantaged. If you do have a concern, please contact your College, the Office of the Registrar whose details are listed below, or your FNUSA representative.

Students and staff will receive regular updates by email, telephone and general notices on social media. Today, we would like to share the following updates with you:


  • Students in hostel accommodation – Arrangements have been made to ensure continued access to essential supplies; if it is not possible for students to purchase food and other essential items, the University will provide these items for you.


  • Hostel fee refunds – Hostel fees for students who have vacated their hostel accommodation to return home will be refunded in the form of credit notes. The Division of Finance will contact affected students.


  • Learning, teaching and assessment – All classes and assessments will continue online, as previously advised. Deans have been asked to ensure that all scheduled classes are delivered. If a class is cancelled without proper notice or good reason, please notify your Dean immediately. If you have any questions about your studies, please contact your course coordinator. The University is well prepared for online delivery over an extended period. FNU has an agreement with Internet Service Providers Vodafone and Digicel to enable users to access the University website and Moodle free of charge.


  • Student Support/Academic Services
  1. For any student feeling anxious or distressed University Counselling is available through phone, drop a text message or Viber using the following contacts.

Varsha Naidu

Nasinu Campus

Mobile: 8960857



Kantha Mani

Natabua Campus

Mobile: 8910854



  1. For any student requiring Student Academic Services such as admission or enrolment, drop an email to admission@fnu.ac.fj . You may also send your requests/queries with your Name, Student ID and Programme to toll free number 857. Office of the Registrar team will call you back once we receive your text message.


  1. Core activities and resources are available at http://clte.fnu.ac.fj
  2. Student Support Specialists in the Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement (clte@fnu.ac.fj) are available for virtual support, in addition to running virtual workshops.
  3. The FNU Senate has approved that focused learning support be given to first-year students; the Centres in charge of this will proactively reach out to all first-year students to provide support.


  1. All students will be allowed to complete their assessment with flexibility throughout the semester, quarter and trimester. No student will be penalised for late submissions.
  2. Any student who cannot submit their assignments by the end of term will not be failed but given an “I” grade. This grade means the student can still submit their assignments throughout the year 2021, after informing their College Dean and lecturers.
  3. If students are able to complete their assessment by the end of the term but fail, they will be given supplementary assessments without any fee or charges.
  4. Practical components that cannot be converted into online mode will be scheduled at a later date, subject to official health advice.


Students are encouraged to contact their College for specific details of the teaching, learning and assessment of their course. Students may also contact the Office of the Registrar via email EOR@fnu.ac.fj

Finally, please be kind and understanding to your fellow students and staff at this difficult time. Together, as one community, we will come through these challenges.

Stay safe and best wishes,


Professor Toby Wilkinson                 Mr Ketan Lal

Vice-Chancellor                                            President

FNU                                                                FNUSA