Enrolment Guide

Your Admission Checklist

  • Seek Academic Counselling.
  • Apply Online at www.fnu.ac.fj or email complete application to admission@fnu.ac.fj or submit hardcopy of admission application to the nearest Academic Office.
  • Check e-mail for Offer Letter or Collect Hardcopy from the nearest Academic Office.
  • Check Programme Structure Online.
  • Visit ICT for Username and Password and Register into Units.
  • Pay Compulsory Enrolment Fee and generate invoice at the nearest FNU Finance Office.
  • Get ID Card from Academic Office.
  • Check if name is appearing on the Class List with the Lecturers.
  • Students to attend classes if name is appearing on the Class List. If name does not appear on the Class List, immediately visit the nearest Academic Office within Enrolment deadline. (within 2 weeks of beginning of term).
  • Check Lecture Timetable Online.
  • Pay Tuition Fees within the given deadline by the FNU Finance Office.

The following information is to guide you through FNU’s enrolment process. Please familiarize yourself with the contents of this document and if you are not sure about anything, feel free to ask any member of staff.

  1. APPLICATION (New Student)

1.1      New students are to submit an electronic application via the FNU Homepage Admissions link or email complete application to admission@fnu.ac.fj or visit the listed FNU Campus to submit a manual application: Koronivia, Nasinu, Samabula, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba and Labasa.

1.2      The following certified true copy of the documents will be required to process the application:

          1. Birth Certificate
          2. Passport copy of Biodata page for: International and Regional students
          3. TIN Letter/FRCA Card
          4. Tertiary qualification results (if applicable)
          5. Secondary school results
          6. Passport size photo
          7. Reference from the employer (if applicable)

1.3      If you meet the entry requirement for the programme, then an offer letter will be sent to your email address.

1.4      If your application is not approved for the programme of your choice, the DEAN may offer you an alternative programme.

1.5      FNU recognises that some applicants may start University without completing Year 12 or Year 13. There are number of different ways to become eligible to enter FNU programmes.

1.6      Mature age students’ admission to programmes may be considered on the basis of maturity, work experience or prior learning. For your application to be considered, you are required to submit the documents in section 1.2 above including evidence of other qualification(s), Curriculum Vitae, Reference from employer and any other information the college DEAN may require.



All new students are required to:

Seek pre-enrolment counselling from the College/Centre Dean, the Head of School or the Head of Department on the following:

  • Prerequisites to do
  • Number of units to complete per Term
  • Different Level of units eg. 400 Level
  • Fees
  • Term offered eg. Semester, Quarter, Trimester etc.
  • Campus offered etc.
  • Obtain an approved programme structure from the FNU Website, fnu.ac.fj
  • Keep the approved programme structure for the duration of your studies and refer to it for further enrolment into courses.


  1. ENROLMENT PROCESS (New Students)
  • Upon receipt of your offer letter, please visit your nearest FNU computer lab to get your Password and proceed to Online Student Services link via fnu.ac.fj
  • Login to Online Student Services and browse through your student Profile. Consult the ICT Helpdesk if you need assistance. Your results will be posted here as well.
  • Register into Units from Online Student Services Ensure that you refer to the programme structure to register into the units.
  • You are required to pay enrolment fees and validate your student ID card.



Orientation for new students is compulsory. Please check your official student email and Academic Calendar notices for more information.


  • Produce your receipt/ deposit slip to the ID Section based at the Academic Offices at Ba, Lautoka, Nadi, Labasa, Samabula and Nasinu campuses for issue or validation of your ID Card. Nursing campus, Tamavua and Koronivia Campus students are to utilise the services at Pasifika campus and Nasinu Campus respectively.
  • Produce a valid ID card to the Supervisor(s) appointed for the examination at the respective location.
  • Produce an ID card when requested by any staff who reasonably requires proof of identity for the performance of his/her duty.
  • Keep your ID card securely at all times and loss of the same should be reported to any Academic office as soon as possible.
  • You may apply for a replacement card at a cost.


  • Upon registration into units, you are to get your invoice from the Finance Office.
  • The mandatory fee shown on the invoice is to be paid immediately so that you are able to receive your Student ID Card and are allowed access to the University’s ICT, Library, Moodle and other facilities.
  • Payment of fees: fees to be directly deposited to FNU’s account as shown on the invoice.



Complete the application for cross credit in the first 2 weeks of enrolment. Online application can be made via the FNU website.



Contact ICT Lab Technicians or the ICT Help Desk at any Student Lab to activate your university email account and the Moodle facility.


  • Obtain your timetable from the College Administration Office or check on FNU website prior to commencement of your classes. Contact the Academic officer of Colleges:

Maritime: ao-fma@fnu.ac.fj; CBHTS: AOCBHTS@fnu.ac.fj; CHE: AOCHE@fnu.ac.fj; CEST: EOEng@fnu.ac.fj CAFF: aocaff@fnu.ac.fj

  • Check your timetable regularly during the first few weeks of the Semester, Quarter or Trimester as changes may occur. Should you have any clashes or questions, please contact the respective college Academic Officers listed above as soon as possible.
  • The term dates are stated in the Academic Calendar, which is available on the FNU website: fnu.ac.fj



The examination timetable can be obtained from the FNU website: www.fnu.ac.fj


  • If you wish to withdraw from a unit/units or programme, you shall do so before the end of the first week of lectures.
  • Consult with the unit Lecturer and Head of Department before completing the Withdrawal Form, which is available on the website fnu.ac.fj and at the Student Academic Office. The Withdrawal Form must be approved, signed and stamped by the Head of School. Submit the form to the Finance Office for the necessary updates.
  • Failure to do so will result in the student being awarded a ‘fail’ or “DNC” (“Did Not Complete”) grade in the final assessment of their overall result for the unit and pay the full fee of the programme enrolled into.
  • Refund of tuition fees will be made only if the above requirements (11.1 to 11.4) have been met


  • Apply for adding and dropping of unit within the period at the beginning of the term.
  • Submit the duly completed and approved enrolment form to the academic office and withdrawal form to the finance office for processing.


  1. FEES
  • All fees should be paid on enrolment.
  • If you enter into a payment arrangement, then you must pay the fees on agreed due dates.


  • If you do not comply with the payment deadlines and fail to enter into a payment plan, then you will be deregistered.
  • A fee of $100.00 is payable for validation and re – registration.


  • If you are seeking FNPF assistance for payment of your tuition fees, you are to submit a copy of your invoice together with the duly completed FNPF education assistance form to the FNPF office.
  • Please note that monies paid through FNPF are non- refundable or transferrable to any individual.
  • To secure sponsorship with a scholarship agency you should apply to these agencies for consideration. You may need to forward a copy of your offer letter to the scholarship agencies for them to consider your application.
  • Sponsorship letters must be produced to the finance offices, cashiers, warden and the accommodation officers if you are staying at the FNU hostel.


  • Accommodation offices are based on all campuses that have accommodation provisions; the contact persons are the wardens or matrons, and where these are not available, the housekeepers.
  • If you have questions concerning official housing matters, seek assistance from the accommodation office staff.


Please direct queries to:

Email: accommodationenquiries@fnu.ac.fj

PH: (679) 3381044 Ext: 2753



17.1    The University Academic & Student Regulations (UASR) stipulate the rules and regulations that govern the university’s academic and student activities.

17.2    The UASR also provides guidelines for the use of university properties & facilities, intellectual property, grievance procedures and the student misconduct provisions.

17.3    You must familiarise yourself with the UASR and comply with the provisions stated therein.

17.4    You can obtain a copy of the UASR from the university website at Policies and Regulations link. www.fnu.ac.fj



(Available on  Academic Calender )