Each Department of the CMNHS will house its own Departmental Research Committee (DRC). The Secretary of each DRC is responsible for accepting research proposals and for registering approved projects on the Central Research Register. All research proposals submitted to the DRC will be reviewed by a staff member or person delegated by the chairperson of respective research committee as a Research Reviewer.

A DRC reviewer will assess research proposals for technical merit, critiquing the methodology and offering recommendations to both staff and student researchers before the proposal is approved for submission for project registration, research bioethics review, approvals (or not) and tracking at the department, Research Unit and finally in CHREC if it is a High Risk research.

  • Here are some points to help reviewers with their analysis.

  • Relevancy of research topic to CMNHS disciplines & programs and its importance to the researcher, the department/CMNHS, and the people that the researchers and reviewers represent.

  • The type of research. Is it quantitative or qualitative or mixed?

  • The methodology. Is the study designed well? What is the research question? Do you feel the methods employed will answer all the research question(s) stated?

  • Do you feel that the methods employed would be appropriate and acceptable to the participants and will safeguard the public interest?

  • The standard of the research proposed will satisfy the requirements of the qualification sought if the researcher is a student.

  • The novelty of the research (will the research contribute something new or significant knowledge?

  • Does the research design employ any method that may breach research ethics principles stated above in section 2.1?

  • Does the researcher possess the necessary skills and experience to implement the research?

  • Is there a budget for the research and is the researcher able to attract the fund needed?

If the DRC reviewer is not satisfied with the current standard of the research proposal, it should be returned to the researcher along with recommendations for improvement and a deadline for the return of the revised research proposal to DRC for further consideration.

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Dean’s Forum: Research Bites

The lunch hour forum:  Pacific Health Research Bites was initiated by the Research Unit to bring researchers from the College together to share “bite-sized” gems of research information. We hope that Researchers will take this opportunity to present their ideas for future collaboration or showcase current research activities. Since research in the Pacific poses unique learning experiences, we also encourage presenters who wish to share these experiences as well and not limit themselves to just the presentation of completed research activities.