Occupational Assessment

Occupational Assessment

Welcome to the Department of Occupational Assessment. We are pleased to offer you a wide variety of Aptitude Assessments and Short course trainings in the areas of Human Resource Development (HR) and Employment Relations (ER).

We provide Aptitude Assessments for Recruitment, Career Guidance Programmes and Personality Assessments for our industry partners and schools across Fiji. Aptitude Assessment measures critical occupational skills and hence are reliable predictors for success in the workplace for positions ranging from the floor level to management level. Ideally the measurement exercise should be an integral part of the recruitment process. This would ensure streamline of the process and safeguards interest against bad hiring and wrong choices made in the final selection of individuals.

The 30 years of testing experience with industries in Fiji and also the accreditation attained in occupational testing, allows the department to provide advice to employers on a professional level advising them on suitable testing tools and resources to lift the overall quality of recruitment and selection. Today, with the focus on improving individual and team performance, the department offers a range of personality testing from Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and many more, to lift standards of communication and interpersonal interaction at the workplace.

Some critical success factors of the job include;
• Sequential and analytical thinking,
• Abstract Reasoning,
• Emotional Intelligence,
• Work and Management Styles,
• Personality Factors,
• Accuracy in Handling Data,
• Verbal communication skills,
• Mechanical Reasoning,
• Calculation Skills,
• Numerical Awareness and Estimation,
• Problem Solving & Decision Making,
• Space Relations,
• Technical Checking,
• Manual Dexterity.

Career Guidance Programme
This is offered to secondary schools students (especially Form 4/Year 10) to assist students choose subject combination at Form Five/Year 11 levels. In this programme students will sit two tests; respectively the IQ and the Career Interest Assessment. The test result provides information on career strengths and opportunities and thus enables a student to recognise and capitalise on their strengths. In this way they will be able to structure out a meaningful career plan.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is extremely helpful in implementing people management techniques and in valuing people strengths within an organization. The MBTI questionnaire has easy and flexible administration steps which makes it easy to be conducted in the workplace. The information obtained from the questionnaire is useful to individuals and the team as whole, whereby the best team dynamics can be formed depending on one another’s strengths and opportunities. The Department has an accredited MBTI Facilitator and Trainer whereby organisations can source assistance and advice from in implementing this effective management tool.

Training in Human Resources and Human Capital Development
The short course training offered by the department is geared towards enhancing human resources,
fostering good industrial relation and developing human capital for productivity. Sustaining performance
in the workplace is critical and one way of ensuring this is through the provision of on-going training and
facilitation of personal development. Listed below are the courses are offered by the department:

Code Programme Duration (Days) Credit Point Fee ($)
OAC-SM How to Channel Stress into Positive Energy for Optimal Per­formance 2 2 220.00
OAC-ACT Advanced Counseling Tools for People Support & Enhance­ment 2 3 290.00
OAC-KM Creating & Managing Corporate Knowledge 2 2 220.00
OAC-PA Psychometric Assessment: HR Strategy for Safe & Effective Recruitment 2 2 150.00
OAC-BN Mastering Bargaining & Negotiations Skills 2 2 220.00
OAC-MT Managing Time Effectively   2 150.00
OAC-LMCC How to implement LMCC under the provisions of the ERP 2007: A Legislative Obligation 2 2 200.00
OAC-RS Fundamentals of Recruitment & Selection 2 2 220.00
OAC-CT Counseling Tools for People Support & Enhancement 2 2 220.00
OAC-EQ Emotional Intelligence: A tool for Influential Leadership & Communication 2 2 220.00
OAC-WLB Work-Life Balance: the building block in any HR Strategy 1 2 150.00
OAC-PD Professional Development for Secretaries and Personal As­sistants 2 2 220.00
OAC-MM Managing Meetings Effectively 2 2 220.00
OAC-ERP Fundamentals of ERP 2007 2 2 220.00
OAC-EEO Fundamentals of Equal Employment Opportunity: Identifying Workplace Harassment & its responses 2 2 220.00