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National Trade Test


Trade Test

On-going development efforts by the National Trade Testing Department (NTTD), to continue to review the current Occupational Skills Standards (OSS), are in line with a larger national strategy to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure that quality products are in accordance with national needs
  • Ensure that quality products are in accordance with national priorities of economic development and manpower planning.

It is the department’s policy to establish national standards in all the trades, and conduct national trade tests for both institutional and public candidates on a regular basis.

As an authority responsible for skills certification, the NTTD fulfils a number of tasks enabling workers in Fiji to obtain certification for their skills. Whilst operating under the Trade Testing Regulations (1976) of the Training and Productivity Authority Act (formerly the Fiji National Training Act), the NTTD:

  • Sets the standards for certification. It does this in consultation with representatives of employers, trade unions and relevant government bodies to ensure that the standards set are relevant and specific to the needs of the industry
  • Conducts the tests
  • Awards the Trade Test Certificates to successful candidates

Recognition of Trade Skills

Recognition of trade skills is a way of gaining formal recognition as a tradesman in Fiji. It allows tradesperson to have their skills fully recognised in this Country and region. On a broader outlook, the trade testing scheme awards recognition at three levels:

•    Class III: Assistant Tradesperson level
•    Class II : Qualified Tradesperson level
•    Class I  :  Supervisory level

Minimum Criteria for trade test

There are two sets of minimum requirements for tradesmen aspiring to sit a trade test. There is one exclusively for the Electrician Trade and a General one for all the other approved trades within the trade testing scheme (refer to subtopic on Trades Tested for full list of approved trades).

Criteria Prior Qualifications Minimum Experience Requirements 
 General       Class III  Class II  Class I
 No Formal Training  2 Years  4 Years  6 Years
 Vocational Candidates  Sit Direct  3 Years  5 Years
 Completion of NTPC Modular Programs  1400 Hours  3 Years  5 Years
 Successful Completion of Apprenticeship  Exempted  Sit Direct  2 Years + Post  Apprenticeship
 40 Years + 20 Years' Experience  Optional  Optional  Sit Direct
Electrician      No Formal Training  6 Years  9 Years + Refresher  Course  11 Years + Refresher  Course
 Completion of NTPC Modular Programs  1400 Hours  3 Years  5 Years 
 Trade Certificate  1 Year  Experience  4 Years  5 Years
 Vocational Candidate  Sit Direct  3 Years + Refresher  Course  5 Years + Refresher  Course
 Diploma  Sit Direct  4 Years  6 Years
 Valid Wireman's License  Sit Direct  3 Years  5 Years
 Successful Completion of NTPC Trade Apprenticeship  Program  Exempted  Sit Direct  2 Years + Post  Apprenticeship
 Successful Completion of NTPC Trade Technician  Program  Exempted  Sit Direct  3 Years + Post  Apprenticeship


   Normal Special
Class III  $75.00  $320.00
Class II  $115.00  $480.00
Class I  $145.00   $640.00


Normal Test:  is conducted based on the minimum number of candidates.

Special Test:  Candidates do not have to wait for the minimum number. All Special tests are conducted in the central division.


  • NTPC Electrician Refresher training or similar is compulsory for these groups of candidates before they can sit for Classes II and I trade tests.
  • Prospective candidates are advised to contact the department for further clarifications on equivalent eligibility and exemption criteria that are in place.
  • These programmes do not fall under Credit Point System

Nature of Test

Trade Tests, which include both theoretical and practical components, are conducted fully in English and candidates will be expected to show by practical demonstration and a theoretical test that they have acquired the necessary skills and related knowledge of the trade.

For Class III theoretical tests only, candidates may opt between a ‘written’ or ‘oral’ test.

Trades Tested

Listed below trades established for testing:

  •  Carpenter (General)
  •  Signwriter 
  •  Spray Painting
  •  Motor Vehicle Mechanic
  •  Pipe Fitter (General)
  •  Lithographic Offset Machinist
  •  Joiner  
  •  Welding   
  •  Photo Mechanic
  •  Electrician
  •  Wood Machinist 
  •  Baking & Patisserie
  •  Blocklayer 
  •  Hand and Machine Typographer
  •  Panel Beating
  •  Fitter Machinist
  •  Plasterer
  •  Plumber (General)
  •  Sheetmetal Worker
  •  Painter & Decorator
  •  Cook
  •  Cabinet Maker
  •  Letterpress Machinist
  •  Electronics Technician
  •  Upholsterer
  •  Print Finishing (formerly Book Binder)
  •  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  •  Motor Vehicle Electrical Electronics (New Trade)

Applying for Trade Test

Candidates intending to take a Trade Test are required to complete the appropriate ‘Application for Trade Test’ Form, which is obtainable from the Trade Testing Department (NTTD) or Online


 Trade Test Forms General      Trade Test Forms for Electricians        
Statutory Declaration Form  Trade Test Checklist for all Trades 



Trade Test Checklist for All Trades

Candidates must enclose with their Application Form the following:


  • 2 passport size photos 
  • Certified true copy of birth certificate
  • Job letter/ reference(s) (Full Time Experience)
  • If self employed
  • Provide Statutory Declaration signed by a JP
  • Copy of Business Registration/License
  • Log Book with Letter of Completion – NTPC Students from Technical Training (All Pages should be filled, stamped, signed by authorized Personnel only and showing minimum of 1400 hours of practical attachment)
  • Trade Test results for previous test(s) done
  • Company Address
  • Company Stamp
  • Employer Signature
  • Relevant sections filled (Date, signature, Fees, etc.)

Candidates whose applications are accepted will be notified of the date, time and place of the test in writing as soon as the necessary arrangements for the test have been finalised. Candidates whose applications are rejected will be notified accordingly.

Before applying for a Trade Test, candidates are advised to ensure that they are eligible and they are aware of the requirements of the test for which they are applying, particularly that they have covered the necessary skills and required the related knowledge given in the Approved Trade Tests Standards.

Standard ‘Application for Trade Test’ forms are available at the following offices around the country:


  • Central Division:    

o    National Trade Testing Department, NTPC Narere, Lot 1 Beaumont Road, Nasinu

  • Western Division:

o    Technical Training Department, NTPC Naceva Street, Lautoka

o    Hospitality & Tourism Industry Training Department, Namaka, Nadi

o    Technical Training Department, Lot 5 Marine Drive, Lautoka

  • Northern Division:

      o    Technical Training Department, Rosawa Street, Labasa


Contacts for application and queries:

Telephone: [679] 3392000 ext. 4982

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: [679]  9988573

Facsimile: [679] 3340184

All applications by post are to be sent to: 

The Director – NTPC
Att: Trade Test Department
P.O. Box 6890, Nasinu.