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Marine and Ports

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The Marine and Ports Industry Training Department has designed its training programmes with an emphasis on providing training for industry which includes current workers and those wishing to up-skill and attain higher qualifications and also to address the unemployed in securing work in the industry. NTPC’s Marine training programmes all incorporate Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF – previously FIMSA) requirements and also its adherence to International Standards in the STCW regulations.

The Pre-Sea Certificate training programme addresses the unemployed with providing the necessary knowledge required by all persons wishing to commence a career at sea. This programme facilitates the basic Nautical and Engineering knowledge components plus the 4 Safety Short Courses which are compulsory for all entrants into this industry – Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Survival Techniques, Basic First Aid and the Basic Fire Prevention and Control Safety certificates. These programmes will target the Central, Northern and Western divisions so as to work alongside MSAF in ensuring safety and training standards are maintained throughout the maritime industry in Fiji.

The scheduling of the Marine Safety Short Courses and Certificates of Competency training for the industry is also proving to be a major training market sector for the Department. This has been evidenced by the continuous enrolment of participants from organisations in the Western division such as South Sea Cruises, Blue Lagoon, Neptune Shipping and also the hoteliers which also deal with water sports and ferrying services. The main draw card the Department believes it has, as opposed to its competitors, is NTPC’s mobility and flexibility in developing and conducting training for out-of- Centre training for industry, rural and maritime sectors. 

The NTPC has also been endorsed by MSAF to conduct training in the Marine Certificates of Competencies which has been proven to be very efficient.

These programmes include the following:
• Restricted Class 6 Master/Engineer
• Class 6 Master/Engineer

The majority of these training courses will be offered from NTPC’s Narere and Lautoka campuses, with shorter modules available in the Northern division due to the availability of resources in main centres. With the availability of the 2 most senior marine training officers around, the Department will be focusing on ensuring the quality of these programmes to be its priority for the future.