Fiji’s History with APO

Fiji became a member of the Asian Productivity Organization on 1st January, 1984 when the country began to recognize the importance of productivity and as a result had sought membership of the Asian Productivity Organization in order to enter into exchange and learning arrangements from the then tiger economies of East Asia. 

As part of the conditions of membership, it was obliged to nominate a local entity as the National Productivity Organization (NPO), and the then Fiji National Training Council (FNTC) now the National Training and Productivity Centre was designated as the most appropriate to undertake this role. 

Implicit in the decision to become a member of the APO were the decisions that the then Ministry of Labour to be the agent of government, and the Permanent Secretary for Labour was to be the APO Director for Fiji, and the National Training and Productivity Centre to be the National Productivity Organization for Fiji and to be responsible for providing training on the application of productivity methods in enterprises, and for the (then FNTC) NTPC to be responsible for Fiji’s membership contribution to the APO. 

Currently the Minister responsible is Honorable Jioji Konrote, Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations; with the Permanent Secretary for this Ministry, Mr. Taito Waqa being APO Director for Fiji and the Mr. Kamlesh Prakash as the NPO Head and the Alternate APO Director for Fiji.

The NPO – NTPC which was merged into the Fiji National University in 2010 is headed by the Director who is also the APO Alternate Director for Fiji; continues to work in conjunction with the Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations to facilitate all APO matters and productivity related trainings and services for the nation.