Functions of National Productivity Organisation (Fiji)

The activities carried out by NTPC as the NPO for Fiji are as follows:

  • To implement all APO projects and activities in the nation on behalf of the government.
  • Facilitating training courses, seminars and meetings on productivity for the government sector and the private sector.
  • Ensuring that a database of all the trainings attended by Fiji participants overseas is well recorded.
  • Developing methods and tools for improving productivity including promotion of concepts like Quality Control Circles, 5S and Kaizen in the country.
  • Acquiring support from all quarters for productivity enhancement
  • Measuring and publicising improvements in productivity.
  • NPO capacity development to undertake promotional and consultancy services in ISO 9000 accreditations for improved productivity and quality.
  • Development and promotion of the Fiji Business Excellence Awards (FBEA) Framework.
  • Stimulate and encourage the adoption of quality and productivity measures in the workplace through excellence awards.
  • Production of materials and brochures/flyers and relevant publicity material for the promotion of productivity.
  • Conduct national campaign awareness, designed to motivate all sections of the community towards the continuous improvement of quality and productivity, and ensure that this is to be maintained and strengthened.
  • Undertake strategic planning of productivity enhancement activities in country through participation in the strategic planning sessions of the APO.
  • Participate in the APO Governing Meeting to direct productivity activities in the member countries
  • Collaborate with member countries and productivity networks to advance productivity and innovation in Fiji.