Author: Dr. Sushil K. Sharma

Earthlings have been put to the test in recent weeks, some busy "googling" Nibiru, Rocket Man, Neukdari, Dotard, Equinox, and even COP.

We were all kept in a flux with such intense global attention and activity about a prophecy which was going to annihilate all of humanity and if it did not "Rocket Man's" hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean certainly would, where it not for courageous "Neukdari-Dotard" to come to our rescue.

While all this was happening, Fijians also experienced the "Equinox" and our PM met world leaders and even the Pacific leaders in an attempt to show unity and solidarity for his "COP" cause.


Fiji and our planet earth is still intact today, and we certainly did not explode away in a galactic apocalypse, disaster, catastrophe, destruction, Armageddon, judgment day or "end of the world" prediction that all would end at midday, on September 23.

At midday Planet Nibiru was no where in sight, and I am of the opinion that the self-styled "specialist in research and investigations" David Meade will have to do the same, as his false prophecy that the giant Planet X was going to crash into Earth, wiping out all of humanity, in fact did not happen.

He certainly will be wiped out as a "specialist in research and investigations" in an apocalyptic manner, as believers may no longer trust this dooms day soothsayer, who based his predictions on a Bible passage — Revelation 12:1; which now turns out to be absolute nonsense.

The prediction was that Planet Nibiru was supposed to slam into planet earth and totally destroy all of humanity.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research, had earlier dismissed the claims and denied that any planet called Nibiru even existed.

Rocket Man Neukdari and Dotard

Around the period of the apocalyptic doom and gloom prophesy being advanced by David Meade, North Korea and the US president had a continuing war of words and name calling where Donald Trump called Kim Jong-un "Rocket Man on a suicide mission" in his September 20, 2017 debut UN address.

Some of the rhetoric being used was unheard of from any past sitting US presidents at the world's foremost diplomatic body.

Mr Trump unambiguously said if North Korea posed any threat to his nation and allies, the US would be forced to "totally destroy North Korea". This was a stark doomsday warning given.

North Korea had threatened to fire a barrage of missiles at Guam, a US territory in the Pacific, and to fire a nuclear-tipped missile into the Pacific Ocean.

Mr Trump stated to the more than 100 leaders and diplomats present that US has "great strength and patience," directly putting the country's leader on notice, suggesting that Kim Jong-un could not survive an American attack.

Like two child-like six-year-olds in a children's park name calling each other, the North Korean oppressor did not miss the rhetorical opportunity to call Mr Trump a "Neukdari" translated as "dotard".

The English-speaking world was startled, and ran for their dictionary, suddenly being reacquainted with the 14th-century term which no one had used in memory.

Kim used "dotard" not once, but twice, to refer to Mr Trump.

"Action is the best option in treating the dotard who, hard of hearing, is uttering only what he wants to say," the Korean translation read.

"I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire."

Merriam-Webster dictionary noted that "dotard" comes from "dotage", a word meaning "a state or period of senile decay marked by decline of mental poise and alertness".

The Korean word Kim Jung-un used for "dotard" was "neukdari," a common derogatory term for an old person. The connotation is someone who is lazy, useless and demented.

In researching "Dotard", I have noted that one Jean H. Lee, a former Pyongyang bureau chief for The Associated Press, stated that she had visited the offices of KCNA, the North Korean state news service, and found the agency using very old Korean-English dictionaries for their translations.

She states the obscurity of "dotard" made it perfect fodder for social media, generating quips about the otherwise unfunny subjects of ballistic missiles, nuclear tests and escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.


On that same D-day (September 23, 2017), we experienced the equinox. This is when the sun is overhead over the equator.

It is the moment in which the plane of earth's equator passes through the centre of the sun's disk, which occurs only twice each year, around March 20 and September 23.

On an equinox, day and night are of approximately equal duration all over the planet.

The equinoxes are directly related to the seasons of the year. In the northern hemisphere, the March conventionally marks the beginning of spring season in most cultures and is considered the New Year in the Persian calendar or Iranian calendars as Nowruz (means new day), while September marks the beginning of autumn.

In our part of the world in the southern hemisphere March 20, and September 23 mark the start of autumn and spring respectively.

Also on the day of an equinox, the sun rises everywhere on earth (except at the poles) at about 6am and sets at about 6pm (local solar time).

Up to about 100 km from either pole, the sun is up for a full 24 hours on and around the margins of the equinox day


COP here definitely does not refer to the meaning "to arrest" as it appeared in print around 1844, and the word which then swiftly moved from being solely a verb for "take into police custody" to also encompassing a noun referring to the one doing the detaining.

COP, as our PM used refers to, and in particular COP23 refers to the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 23) to the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It will take place in November, at the headquarters of the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn, Germany. COP22 was held in 2016 at Marrakech in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Prime Minister Bainimarama updated the world and Pacific leaders on both the pre-COP meeting that was scheduled to take place this month in Nadi and the main COP23 event in Bonn, Germany in November, at a working breakfast at New York on the margins of the UN General Assembly meeting as the war of words between the US President and North Korean dictator was ongoing.

An eventful week with more than enough litany of expressions, many of which we have heard for the first time. Whatever the case, it is great to see that humanity is intact; we all are alive and well, and the galactic end of the world did not eventuate, the "Rocket Man" did not fire the hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, and the Neukdari-Dotard did not have to totally destroy North Korea either in response; and the preliminary COP23 meetings progressed well for our PM.

Simultaneously the equinox on September 23, heralded a seasonal change to spring for our hemisphere — which often refers to a notion of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth; meaning symbolically that all appears to be well for humanity despite all the recent doom and gloom rhetoric.

Source: The Fiji Times Online

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