Whether you are a prospective or current student, alumni, staff member, or perhaps an interested member of the public, I am pleased to welcome you to the College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, created out of the former Fiji College of Agriculture that was first established in 1962 and a number of other units. Although we are the smallest of the Fiji National University's five Colleges, we are growing strongly because more and more students are beginning to appreciate the value of such a College and the new programmes we now offer. We are a part of a public university with a responsibility to our nation in general and to farmers, foresters and fishers in particular.

Everyone involved in Fiji National University is united by a common desire to make the country a prosperous and better place to live in through an innovative educational approach. We offer excellent agriculture education, carry out relevant research and are involved in the development and life of the country. Our vision is to be established as an educational centre of excellence in agriculture, fisheries and forestry, defined by high quality programmes and strategic focus of our teaching, research and extension.

We will realise our vision through a restructuring process that spotlights the established strengths that define us in our teaching, research and extension programmes in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry; and through our dedication in serving the farming community and the nation through our unique position in a multi-faculty national university. We also seek to develop regional and global partnerships. Our development will position us to become an attractive destination for Pacific Island students and scholars as well as those from other countries further afield. Our vision requires our students and staff to interact on a regular basis with academic leaders from around the globe to acquire the cutting edge skills and knowledge they need for effective service.

This College will firmly maintain high academic principles. We believe that our graduates are the most important gift we can create for the future. We should educate them to successfully compete on every level and proudly fulfill the growing needs of people for food, fodder, fuel and fibre to make the country flourish. We also endeavour to motivate in them to serve others wherever their skills are necessary.

Our future is bright. The College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry seeks to make a major contribution to agricultural advancement throughout the country and is dedicated to research across all fields of study, believing in a research culture that has a clear application and relevance. The College is on the threshold of becoming more than a great place to get an education in the field of agriculture science. We want wisdom and confidence to pervade the campus. We are enthused by the challenge of becoming the best among a select few in the region. We are determined to generate a pleasant, supportive atmosphere for our students. We are committed to preparing our students to work, acquire skills and develop the capabilities that equip them to live in a rapidly changing global environment.

Our mission is to create a learning community in which students at all levels, and their faculty mentors, can engage in the pursuit of knowledge across and between a broad range of disciplines in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and animal science., We now have a wide variety of courses and programs to offer the students. We have good linkage and cooperation with other public and private national institutions with whom we work in training, research and community service. CAFF has undergone substantial changes to become a pleasant and exciting place in which to study and work. It has a clean, green and beautifully landscaped campus. It also boasts smooth internet access and the use of progressive teaching aids for efficient delivery and effective teaching. All classes, seminar and meeting rooms are equipped with LCDs and computers connected to the internet. The College library is regularly acquiring new textbooks and journals and also has internet access. Seminars are organised as a regular feature of the College. Student and staff notices have been computerised and are transmitted via email. There are plans to add more degree programmes and facilities in the future.

CAFF is moving into a new era, one that will prepare high quality human resources and advanced research in agriculture science. Our intention is to make a real and lasting difference in the life of every student we teach. Our dynamic vision is one of opportunity and transformation in agriculture education. As Dean, I am committed to making the College a place of learning as imagined by the visionaries of the nation. All our teachers and scientists are committed to giving their best and students are exhorted to learn as much as they can, so that the College can truly be the means of change for our rural population.

We’re committed to achieving extraordinary results. So please explore our campus, experience our academic community and share the excitement we have in looking toward the future. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. We welcome your comments and suggestions. We invite you to join us as we move forward together.

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