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Dear All,

  1. Please ensure that the Class List is generated by all teaching staff (Premium and Student Soft).
  2. No student is to be in class without being enrolled properly in units.
  3. The following excerpts from Part V (Page 39) of the University Academic & Student Regulations (UASR) applies:

2.1 Students must comply with the relevant admission, registration into course(s), exemption and transfer procedures applying to each programme or course.

2.1.1 Students are to ensure that the prerequisite and any other criteria as per approved programme structure are met prior to enrolling in a course.

2.1.2 Students are to ensure that all fees are paid and ID cards validated within the timelines stipulated in the University Fee policy.

2.1.3 Students who are registered and have paid their enrolment fees shall have their names in the Student Management System generated class list which teaching staff shall follow.

2.1.4 Students shall enrol in the given timeframe for enrolment.

2.1.6 Students are to ensure that they have a copy of an approved programme structure.

 For and enquiries please write to us on the e-mail address: Enquiry-Academic(a)fnu.ac.fj

Student Academic Services Staff are available at the following locations for assistance:

Hoodlesss House | Nasinu Campus | Samabula Campus | Koronivia Campus | Nadi Campus | Lautoka Campus | Labasa Campus

Dear Students,

  1. Please ensure your name appears in the class list.
  2. Ensure that you lodge an application for internal cross credit within 3 weeks if your current programme structure has units which were done under a different programme.
  3. For issues regarding class list, visit the following:
  • Fees - Finance.
  • Password/Moodle - ICT Lab.
  • Enrolment - Student Academic Office.

We are currently updating the system information on students' details such as postal and contact details, Birth Certificate and TIN/FNPF letter etc.

  1. Please check your details in OLSS and proceed to the nearest Academic Office to update this information by completing the 'Application for Update of Personal Details' form.
  2. Students with missing details need to attend face to face enrolment at any FNU Academic Office.
  3. It is the students' responsibility to enrol into the units for which they have completed the prerequisite unit(s). All students to check with HOS/HOD on prerequisite as part of counseling. If students are wrongly enrolled, lecturers have a right to remove students at the earliest by asking them to withdraw from the unit.
  4. Ensure that an invoice is generated and compulsory enrolment fees are paid to confirm enrolment.

For all academic counselling please visit the DEAN/HOS/HOD or Academic Officer of the College.

Exam Notice

 NOTICE: Trimester 1, 2018 Examination

  1. Trimester 1, 2018 Examination commences on Monday, 23rd April 2018 and ends on Monday, 30th April 2018 at Jai Narayan College Hall, Suva Muslim Women’s League Hall and at Derrick Campus in Samabula, and the rooms allocated as per the Exam Timetable at the Ba, Nadi Lautoka and Labasa campuses. The Examination Timetable is uploaded on the FNU website.
  1. All fees must be cleared prior to the Examination. Students are advised to see the Finance section for any fee issues before Friday, 20th April 2018.
  1. A validated ID card is a requirement to sit for any Examination. ID cards are validated by the ID card section at the Student Academic Services upon clearance of fees. Please ensure that your ID cards are validated by Friday, 20th April, 2018. As per the University Academic and Student Regulations (UASR):

Page 40

2.1.2 Students are to ensure that all fees are paid and ID cards validated within the timelines stipulated in the University Fee policy.

Page 52

17.3 No student shall be allowed in the exam venue without producing a valid ID card to the Supervisor(s) appointed for the examination at the respective location. Any exception should be authorized by the Registrar.

  1. MOBILE PHONES, SMART WATCHES, TABLETS or any other electronic or computing device capable of storing material, or any device that is capable of transmitting, storing or receiving messages, or any written or printed material are STRICTLY PROHIBITED inside the exam venue. Students caught with unauthorized materials inside the Exam venue shall be taken through disciplinary action and penalized accordingly. As per the UASR:

Page 52 and 53

17.8 No student is to bring with him/her into the examination room any written or printed matter except as authorised by the examiner, or where such written or printed material has been authorised for use in an approved open book examination.

17.9 For courses in which the programme documents allow for open book examinations, students may bring in materials as specified by the examiner.

17.10 Unless authorised by examiners, students are not allowed to have in their possession, while in an examination hall, any written or printed material, any electronic or computing device capable of storing material, or any device that is capable of transmitting, storing or receiving messages.

17.11 Students who contravene s17.10 shall have the materials or devices confiscated by the supervisor for the duration of the examination, and be reported to the Registrar for disciplinary action.

  1. Candidates are advised to leave their valuables at home or utilize the storage facilities provided at the Examination venue. For the Trimester 1 Examinations, a room has been allocated as storage facility at Jai Narayan College Hall and Suva Muslim Women’s League Hall in Suva. The storage facility allocated for Ba,Lautoka, Nadi and Labasa campuses are Room D101, F5, E02 and Ground Floor local timber building respectively. Candidates shall leave their baggage at the storage facility half an hour in advance. The security officer shall give a reference number to the candidates leaving their belongings at the storage booth. Students are responsible for insuring their personal belonging and the University cannot be held responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any articles left at the Storage Facility. Upon the completion of examination, the candidates shall handover the reference ticket for retrieval of their baggage.
  1. Please note that FNU will not take responsibility for any personal items such as bags, books, mobile phones, keys, jewelleries, etc. brought to the examination venue.
  1. Students must listen to all the announcements of the Supervisors during the Examination.

By: Examinations Section

A new partnership agreement has been signed between the Australia-Pacific Technical College (A.P.T.C.) and the Fiji National University (F.N.U.) to allow the two institutions to work collaboratively over the next two years (2016-2018) on the delivery of A.P.T.C.’s Painting and Decorating and Applied Fashion Design and Technology qualifications.

The programs will be accredited and delivered by A.P.T.C. for the first three semesters, with the view that F.N.U. will establish an equivalent program from 2018. This will enable continuation of the courses at F.N.U. with the ability for graduates to also achieve an Australian qualification through the process of A.P.T.C.’s Recognition of Prior Learning.

 A.P.T.C. is an innovative development project funded by the Australian Government, delivering Australian-standard skills and qualifications for a wide range of vocational careers for skilled workers across the Pacific.

Under the partnership, a major focus is on the capacity building of F.N.U. trainers to ensure sustainability of the training in Fiji.

A.P.T.C. will also improve the Fashion Design and Technology facilities at F.N.U. Nabua campus to ensure the training area and equipment is current and compliant with the Australian training package and the Health and Safety requirements.

The agreement was signed on 10 June at the F.N.U. Nasinu campus by A.P.T.C. Chief Executive Officer, Ms Denise O’Brien, and the F.N.U. Chancellor, Mr Ikbal Jannif.

Ms O’Brien said that highly skilled trades people are in demand across Fiji in a large number of industry sectors.

She added that A.P.T.C. is delighted to join F.N.U. and industry to support the training requirements of local enterprises in Fashion Design and Technology and also Painting and Decorating trades. 

“A.P.T.C. is committed to working with the garment manufacturing and broader fashion industry in Fiji. To date, we have delivered very successful work-based training programs to upskill existing workers in companies in the Suva area and in the West.  This industry is poised for growth and relies on a skilled workforce to ensure quality and efficiency.  A dedicated training facility will support the skills requirements of the industry, both now and into the future,” she elaborated. 

 In his remarks, Mr Jannif said that the signing of the M.O.U. with A.P.T.C. reaffirms F.N.U.’s commitment towards providing quality education, tailor-made to meet the demand from the industry.

“This M.O.U. comes at an important time for F.N.U. and the Fiji Fashion and Garment Industry, as this sector is set to become one of the key drivers of our economy. F.N.U. has been working for some time now with industry partners to assist in developing the Fashion industry and we are happy to partner with A.P.T.C. to take our programmes to the next level.”

“This is a historic occasion for F.N.U. and the Fashion Industry in Fiji. We are excited to partner with A.P.T.C. to enhance this important sector with support from the industry leaders. This M.O.U. lays the foundation for other new and exciting things and I’m confident that A.P.T.C. and F.N.U. together will be able to transform this industry and strengthen Fiji’s footing on the world fashion stage,” he added.

The Counsellor, Regional Health, Education and Gender, Ms Sheona McKenna and A.P.T.C.’s Executive Director, Training Delivery, Marian Wilkinson and A.P.T.C. Fiji Country Manager, Mr Jonathan Todd were also present at the signing.

Source: samoaobserver

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