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 Captain Anton Sedrick and Mr. Lalith Gunaratna are the latest arrivals to assist FMA staff in areas of Safety and Survival and Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS).

 Captain Cedric is HOD of the Safety Department at CINEC. He will be involved in improving and assisting the Safety and Survival Department staff in conducting Safety courses to standards required by STCW 78, Convention as amended.

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Mr. Gunaratna, an experienced lecturer in GMDSS, is using recently commissioned TRANSAS equipment to train FMA lectures to familiarize and enhance knowledge on this mandatory training for seafarers.



Both Capt. Cedric and Mr. Gunaratna have taken valuable time from their daily duties at Colombo International Nautical College (CINEC) to travel to Fiji and support FMA as well as the local seafarers.



Their time here is very much appreciated.