Our History

In 1969, following considerable pressure from the shipping industry, the Government of Fiji obtained the advisory services of Mr. Peter Dudley of the United Kingdom Department of Education and Science. Mr. Dudley visited Fiji at this time and provided advise on various aspects of maritime studies. The Dudley Report was completed in February 1970 and contained the main recommendation that a school of maritime studies be established in Suva as part of the Derrick Technical Institute. His Report recommended the use of the lower campus site of the University of the South Pacific (USP) at Laucala Bay.

The Dudley Report recommended that a school of maritime studies be establish in Fiji to provide the regional center for training all grades of sea-going personnel. The School of Maritime Studies (FNU SMS) was established in October 1970 with Richard Beadon appointed the first Head of School. In January 1971 Beadon established the School’s temporary accommodation at the Derrick Technical Institute, Samabula, Suva. Significant aid funding was provided by the Australian Government during the startup phase of the Laucala Bay Campus. FJD360,000 worth of valuable engineering equipment was also donated by the People of Japan through the Japan International Co-operation Agency (J.I.C.A.).

Priority was to be given to upgrading courses for serving deck and engine room officers and this remains a priority today. The School consisted of three departments:

  • Navigation
  • Marine Engineering
  • Shipbuilding

The proposed last phase of development was to establish a Fisheries Department to cater to Fiji’s fishing industry. The Fiji National University was established by the Fiji National University Decree 39 of 2009 and subsequently amended by Decree N. 58 of 2010 to incorporate what was then known as the National Training and Productivity Centre. Since inception the School has made a valuable contribution to work place education in the maritime industry with over 3,000 students enrolled since 2009.


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