Q.1 How many libraries we have in FNU and what are the operating hours of the library

Q.2 Does library has a study area after it closes?
At the moment there is no study area after library close, however during exam period following libraries operate 24/7:

  • Nasinu
  • Pasifika
  • Samabula
  • Koronivia &
  • Lautoka

Q.3 Is there a discussion area in the library? Is it available in all the FNU Libraries?
Yes there is a discussion area in the library available in the following campuses. To contact relevant campus librarian

  • Nasinu
  • Pasifika
  • Samabula
  • Raiwai
  • Tamavua FSM
  • NTPC Narere
  • Ba
  • Lautoka

Internet Access:
Q.4 Is there internet access in the library?
Yes, there is Wi-Fi service available in all the libraries except Maritime and Naviti campus library.

Q.5 How do I get connected to the internet on my device in the library?
Please liaise with the library staff at the counter for help to have Wi-Fi access on your device where the Wi-Fi service is available.


Q.6 Who can use the library?
The general public (external membership) and the FNU community comprising academic and administrative staff and students (internal membership).

For Internal Membership:

For External Membership:

Q.7 Do I need to register in order to use the library?
You need to register if you wish to borrow library materials.

Q.8 How many items can I borrow and what is the duration of each item that I borrow?

Member Resource Collection Item Period Fine


Close Reserve





21 days

See 1 & 2 below

See 1 below

50c per book per day

$5.00 per book per day

50c per CD/DVD per hour

Academic Staff & Official Visitors


Close Reserve





30 days

1 day

5 days

50c per book per day

$5.00 per book per day

$5.00 per CD/CDC per day

Administrative Staff


Close Reserve





14 days

Overnight only

2 days

50c per book per day

$5.00 per book per day

$5.00 per CD/DVD per day

Types of Resources available in the library

Q.9 What are the types of library collection available in the library?

  • Books (Print) – General, Close Reserve, Reference, Pacific Collection
  • Periodicals (Print)
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Newspapers
  • Electronic Databases: E-Books & E-Journals.

Rules and Regulations of the library

Q.10 What are the library rules when using the library and is there a fine for any misconduct carried out in the library

Q.11 Where can I put my bag in the library and is it secured

Borrowing, Renewing, Requesting, Returning and Replacing Library Materials:

Q.12 How do I borrow an item?
Please refer to Q8. In addition, for students to be able to borrow the books, your fees must be fully paid. If it is partially paid than you can use the item in the library but cannot take it home.

Q.13 Can I renew as well as reserve an item without visiting the library?

  • Yes, library has integrated an OPAC system into the FNU Library Website under “My library Account” for you to login into your accounts using this platform and do the needful as follows:
  • Find out the due dates of your loaned items
  • Renew your borrowing periods for the same period for which the book was initially issued. You can renew the borrowed items two times by going through MY ACCOUNT via Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and using your login ID. You can’t get your books renewed if you have any overdue library fine.
  • Search for the books that you need and find which library it is located at and as well as make a request for the resource that you need.

* You may also renew and reserve library material by visiting the library should you wish to.

Q.14 Can I return the library material in any of the FNU libraries?
Yes, you return the book to the nearest campus library from where it would be sent to the concerned campus library.

Q.15 What can I do if the item I borrowed is lost?
If the item is lost or if you fail to replace the item within the stipulated time, a fine at the rate of 'current market price + 54% markup fee from the current market price + $50 processing fee' will be incurred. If you fail to comply with the above, no clearance will be provided from the library, and recovery action resorted to.

Computing (Digital Resources):

Q.16 Can I use my laptop in the library?
Yes, under your own responsibility, also please ensure not to leave your valuable items in the library when you leave.

Q.17 Can I use the computers available in the library?

  • Yes
  • Please be advised that each user shall use the library PC for maximum of 2 hours and give the chance to other users.
  • If you wish to continue using the computer beyond 2 hours, please  seek help from the library assistant to confirm that there is no other user waiting in the queue.

Q.18 Is there photocopying and printing service available in the library?
Yes, it is available in the entire FNU library.

Q.19 What are the charges for photocopying and printing?

  • Photocopying:

Black & White: $0.10 per page

  • Printing:

Black & White: $0.15 per page without borders and fewer graphic

  • Black and white with Thick borders: $0.50
  • Heavy graphics black and white: $1.00
  • A4 size black and white picture: $1.00
  • Colour printing: $1 to $2 per copy depending on graphics

Q.20 Does library do binding, laminating and scanning? What are the charges for each?
Yes, library does provide binding, scanning and laminating service. The charges are as follows:

  • Binding:

1 to 30 pages: $1.50
31 to 60 pages: $2.50
61 to 90 pages: $3.00
91 to 100 pages: $4.00
101 to 200 pages: $4.50
201 pages plus: $5.00

  • Laminating:

ID card size: $1.00
A4 size: $2.50
A3 size: 3.50

  • Scanning:

A4 size: 0.50

Using Electronic Resource:

Q.21 Do you offer training sessions on how to use electronic or online resources?
Yes, the FNU library runs Library Instruction and Information Literacy sessions for FNU community. The library offers one to one or group sessions by arranging appointments through e-mail with nearest campus librarian.

Q.22 Can I use or access the library online resources remotely?
On Campus Access: At the FNU network, you as a bonafide user are required your username and password to login. A few resources require separate password details to access the full records for each online resource. For more information, please, liaise with the library staff to have full access.
Off Campus Access: At the moment, you can’t use the library online resources remotely. Soon, you would be able to use the library online resources remotely because the library is in process to install the EZ Proxy Server.

Exam Papers:

Q.23 Does library keep exam papers?
Yes, library does keep the exam papers and you can access it on Moodle by following these steps:

  • log in into your Moodle account
  • go to courses and click on it
  • you will see university library link
  • click on the link, you will find exam papers version 2
  • click on it and you can search for the exam paper you are looking for


Turnitin and Refwork:

Q.24 What is turnitin?
Turnitin allows checking students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against continuously updated databases. Turnitin is used to manage and avoid plagiarism.

Q.25 What is Refwork?
Refwork is important for citation management. Refwork helps towards proper citation methods as well as safeguard students' academic integrity.

Q.26 Does library provide Tefwork and Rurnitin training?
Yes, library provides both the trainings, to know the training dates and the resource person, please liaise with any of the library staff on any campus library.