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 Pediatric Neurology Briefs
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  BMJ Best Practice
 Trial (from 1st February to 31st March 2018)

 Sage Research Methods Suite
 Trial (from 3rd April to 30th June 2018)

 ASME Digital Collection
 Trial (from 27th April to 1st July 2018) 

 World Book Online
 Trial (from 13th June to 15th August 2018)

 Westlaw NZ
 Trial (from 26th July to 25th Aug. 2018)

  Taylor & Francis Online

Trial (from 1st Aug. to 31st Aug. 2018)

  SAGE Premier Journals

  Trial (from 8th Aug. to 5th Sept. 2018)

  SAGE Research Methods (SRM)

  Trial (from 8th Aug. to 5th Sept. 2018)

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 (The magazine for agricultural and rural development in ACP  countries)
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 Reserve Bank of Fiji Publications
 Fiji Bureau of Statistics

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