Fiji National University has created history in hosting the inaugural Alumni Homecoming Weekend.  

Graduates from the seven founding institutions that merged to form the country’s very own university united at this event.  

Minister for Education, Heritage & Arts, Honourable Dr. Mahendra Reddy officiated at the event and said alumni are invaluable.  

“Alumni are extremely significant stakeholders for any university and thus alumni engagements are vital for the advancement of any institutions activities,” Dr. Reddy said.The Minister for Education said alumni are the best representatives to market and create the reputation of the University.

“They’ll be great role models to the current students and thus the University will continue to benefit from their skills and experience. This historic event will create a strong community network for FNU and alumni, students, faculty’s staff and friends,” said Dr. Reddy.

Hon. Minister challenged alumni to make the University proud as it has produced some great successful leaders for Fiji and abroad.

“We are here to celebrate the past years and to embrace the coming years passionately. The life experiences that you underwent during your stay at these institutions contributed greatly to the development of your character, inspire you to a greater level of independence and ultimately preparing you to deal with life’s changes,” he said.  

The Minister reiterated that FNU edges most universities in the Pacific as it’s able to offer both technical and vocational training and higher education.  

“We want quality learning and quality mentors. We strongly believe that if we invest in the current generation’s education, we will be able to secure a knowledge-based society in future.”

The University Alumni Association hosted the weekend earlier this month from the 14-15 October at the   FNU Headquarters in Nasinu Campus to honour the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future.

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