The Vice Chancellor of Fiji National University (FNU), Professor Nigel Healey launched the FNU LinkedIn page during the opening of the inaugural Alumni Homecoming Weekend.  

Professor Healey said this social media website provides an invaluable platform for job hunting, discussions, the exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing.  

“The FNU LinkedIn page will link students and alumni with each other and with industry leaders and open doors for e-learning and employment opportunities.

“Most importantly, we will be able to track the progress of FNU graduates as they build their careers and maintain an ongoing relationship, so that we can use the growing family of FNU alumni to benefit current students – for example, through mentorship and alumni giving lectures to our students,” he said.  

Professor Healey said the FNU LinkedIn site will also connect the University to other leading tertiary institutions, industry experts and organisations with whom the University can collaborate and adapt ideas for the benefit of teaching and teachers.  

“Although LinkedIn accounts are held by many in Fiji, I do not believe that its impact on graduate employability has yet been fully recognised. Today is a perfect platform to launch this professional network where the University academics will be able to recommend their students to employers – LinkedIn provides this means.”  

He said the University is not only committed to providing excellent education, but also promoting its graduate employability and success after graduation. 

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