The Fiji National University Alumni Association (FNUAA) is confident the Alumni Homecoming Weekend will en­courage all alumni to return, reconnect, develop and grow together to maintain a network of professionals and social connections.

The Association Vice President, Mr. Alifereti Cawanibuka is grateful to the initiative as it has reunited graduates from the founding institutes to return to their alma mater.

“This is the first time in history that FNU is dedicating a day to its graduates to return home to the University. Ladies and gentle­men, I warmly congratulate each one of you for being a graduate of the seven prestigious Colleges that merged to form FNU,” said Mr. Cawanibuka.

Officially launched in August 2015, the FNUAA has registered a total of 15,000 alumni from across the globe and the number is still growing.

“The mission of the FNU Alumni Network is to support the University by maintaining a network of professionals and social connections established in pursuit of the University’s vision. Through the launch, the University has begun offering benefits and services to Alumni,” he said.

The association is optimistic more alumni will register as mem­bers and more will return to share their expertise.

“We deeply appreciate when fellow alumni return to share their expertise with students; I would like to further encourage alumni to undertake leadership roles in areas critical to the Uni­versity, such as council board members and the Alumni Associa­tion board.”

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