My life at the Fiji National University was one of the richest learning experiences in my whole life.

Professor Jugdutt (Jack) Singh , a gradu­ate and former faculty of the then Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT) now known as the College of Engineering, Science and Technology of the Fiji National University reminisced life at the university some forty years ago.

Professor Singh opened the inaugu­ral Alumni Homecom­ing Weekend with an inspiring Public Lecture, reflecting his journey from Derrick Campus to his present role as the Director of the Digital Innovation and Transla­tion at Swinburne Uni­versity of Technology, Australia.

Deliberating his “My Leadership Story”, Pro­fessor Singh said he owed it to the University to give back for he is the person he is today be­cause of the University.

“There are many memories that come back to me when I re­call my years in Fiji and in Fiji National Univer­sity formerly known as Derrick Technical Insti­tute and Fiji Institute of Technology that it would be impossible to make justice to all of them through my brief re­marks tonight,” he said.

Professor Singh said his past was the ‘vehi­cle’ that has carried him to this moment.

“Sure there were mo­ments, events, people; issues were troubling, adverse and traumatic at worse.

Honouring in this context means to rec­ognise that from those times I have grown up to be the person I am today,” the FNU Alumni said.

“The University gave me the opportunity to expand my education horizon; it was the best learning experience in my whole life, learning new people, learning new environment and new professions.”

Professor Singh also assured the University he will contribute and give back to the devel­opment of students and programme in future if the university needs him to.

“I always believe it is our duty to give back to the University that has educated us and made us the person we are today, I am willing to come back and contrib­ute positively in ways I can and I don’t need to be paid for it because as an alumni it is important that I give back in every way possible for the de­velopment of the institu­tion”

In his long impres­sive years of work, Pro­fessor Singh has held many leadership posi­tions including working with the United Nations and other leading or­ganisations.

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