Achievements of alumni after graduation are achievements of the University. The University takes pride in its graduates and ensures they mold well in the national and international workforce.

The comment was made by the Chancellor of the Fiji National University (FNU), Mr Ikbal Jannif, at the Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Cover Letter writing workshop for final year students and graduates at Derrick campus, Samabula.

Mr Jannif told the participants the workshop depicts the University’s commitment to ensure that FNU graduates become the most sought after products for organisations.

“This workshop organised in collaboration with the student support services and the Alumni office brings us a step closer to our commitment. The FNU placement portal has also been created to ensure students and alumni have better access to eminent organisations.

“This portal allows registered job seekers and organisations to interact and share information regarding the company vacancies and job seekers qualifications. It allows employers to register their companies online so whenever a vacancy arises, they can upload it on the portal.

“This workshop is not only provided to make your CV look promising or to show that you are the right fit for the organisation but to make you realise that the cornerstone of your presentation is honesty,” said Mr Jannif.

Senior Alumni Officer of FNU, Ms Arti Nair said it was a privilege for the alumni office to lead the legacy of graduate development as has been the tradition of great institutions that merged to form FNU.

“It was an honour for the Alumni office to witness alumni homecoming. The alumni office aims to provide for the intellectual development needs of alumni even after graduation and this workshop provided the perfect platform to achieve set goals.

“The journey of a graduate does not end with graduation, it only begins there. Initiative such as this workshop is the beginning of a new culture of alumni development,” said Ms Nair.

Student Representative of College of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (CAFF), Mr Mohammed Igbal thanked the organising committee for this initiative.

“In this workshop students were not only given the opportunity to learn how to go about writing a CV but also understand why CV is written in such a manner. The highest number of participants was from CAFF, total of 32 students.

“Expecting such workshops again in future where the objective is for the students to be prepared before entering the workforce after graduation,” said Mr Igbal.

A similar workshop was conducted in the West where the Alumni Association President, Mr Netani Sukanaivalu was the Chief Guest.








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