s2Young Alumni Chair, Mr Jaoji Waqabaca (pictured) has encouraged all current students of the Fiji National University to register and become a member of the Alumni Association. As a fresh graduate of the College of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, Mr Waqabaca is confident the association is the place to be to reconnect and network with others not only in the University but also with external stakeholders. “The FNU Alumni Association is the home of graduates after graduation. I was once a student, I graduated and now reconnecting through the association, joining in the good cause to make a difference,” he said. Mr Waqabaca said the association will assist and prepare students for employment. “We are here to guide you into your career and ensure you are ready for the workforce while at the same time make your FNU experience a memorable one,” he said.

Mr Waqabaca assured students the association is working on tracer studies to ensure every graduate’s degrees are recognised. All final year students were encouraged to register for the association Curriculum Vitae Writing workshop scheduled for Saturday, June 18 at the FNU Derrick Campus in Samabula to prepare them when looking for work.

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