Former Minister of Education Netani Sukanaivalu, who fathered the establishment of Fiji National University, will now sit at the helm of the Inaugural Alumni Association. 
Mr Sukanaivalu was elected as the President of the irst ever Alumni Association last Friday. Being the Deputy Chairman of the World Maritime University Alumni Association back in Sweden, Mr Sukanaivalu brings with him a lot of experience to the association.
“The first thing on my list is to concentrate on the constitution. We don’t know whether we have a constitution or not. If not, then we will have to set up one that will bring in almost complete holiness of the Alumni Association.”

Mr Sukanaivalu, who was honoured with the FNU Outstanding Alumni award earlier this year, said the secret to his success has been his motto.
“There is a motto that I always have in mind - do not think of you more highly than others, always consider others as better than yourself. When you go along on that motto, then those things are being taken care of.

Senior Alumni Oficer, Arti Nair said it is an honour for the University to have Mr Sukanaivalu lead the irst ever FNU Alumni Association as he has given a signiicant portion of his life to the University. 
“Mr. Netani Sukanaivalu is known as the “Father of FNU” – it was under his leadership as Minister of Education that Fiji National University was formed by the Government of Fiji. There could have been no better President to lay the foundation for a network of graduates that connects thousands of graduates around the world. “Mr. Sukanaivalu brings with him a wealth of professional expertise, charismatic leadership traits and an inluential proile that in itself is a motivation to the young generation. The alumni ofice looks forward to working under his leadership to witness the prosperity of the FNU Alumni Association,” said Ms Nair. Meanwhile, Alifereti Cawanibuka was elected as the Vice President, Silina Waqa as Secretary, Neini Meo as the Treasurer, Sitiveni Tupou as Special Events Chair – PRO while Jiaoji Mawa Waqabaca was elected as the Young Alumni Chair.

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