Senior Alumni Officer, Arti Nair presenting at the Alumni Association Workshop.

The Fiji National University Alumni Association being the largest alumni body of the country anticipates 2016 to be a year of great achievements.

Given the long standing history of FNU and the colleges that joined to form FNU, the association strives to carry forth the legacy of change and upgrade to ensure future graduates are given the best available resources to achieve their dreams and stay connected to the university.

Speaking at the Alumni Workshop on UniStudio Campus in Raiwai, Association President Mr. Netani Sukanaivalu said the association will be a body supporting the interests of graduates.

“The alumni association is the secondary unit for all graduates and we will maintain a network of professionals and social connections established in pursuit of the University’s vision,” he said.

Senior Alumni Officer, Ms. Arti Nairsaid the Alumni Office is continuously updating its database as it aims to maintain communication with all alumni.

“Our alumni are our mirror and their achievements portray the success of the University. We continue to seek our alumni to unite them in the FNU spirit and to learn from their journeys and successes,”
said Ms. Nair.

The workshop highlighted the main area of pursuit for the association with development projects being the focal point. Through the workshop, the executive team has been able to map; the strategic focus of the association, the welfare of its members, the employability of FNU graduates in the workforce and the tools needed to enhance the current student experience.

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