In a bid to strengthen and reconnect alumni of the Fiji National University, the Alumni Association has organized its first official national tour that will provide an ideal opportunity for its members to interact with graduates and current students of the University.

The tour which is scheduled from 22 – 26 February, 2016 will see the association executive committee members and alumni office staff visit all FNU Campuses nationwide to promote the initiatives of the association.

The five-day tour follows the successful launch of the alumni network and the alumnirecognition Awards in August last year. The first ever alumni association was established in November following a successful election.

Six talented and determined alumni were elected to serve as the inaugural committee of the association spearheaded by the Association President and former Minister for Education, Mr. Netani Sukanaivalu.

“It is essential that we reach out to our alumni and students around the country to promote the good work of the association, the numerous benefits members can enjoy once they sign up,” said Mr. Sukanaivalu.

Given the long and proud history of all the institutions that merged to form the Fiji National University, Mr. Sukanaivalu said it was vital that a common platform be established to enable alumni to reconnect, reflect and offer positive influence towards growth of FNU.

Senior Alumni Officer, Arti Nair said the association will be the voice of the alumni to the University management to ensure equal consideration is given to the need of current students and graduates.

“The Association embodies the ground to look after the interests of graduates and maintain a network of professionals as well as establish social connections in pursuit of the University’s vision,” said Ms Nair.

The national tour will commence with the delegation visiting the Central Division before travelling to the West and North.

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