The announced the launch of a Alumni Office recently redesigned and updated website for FNU alumni, with exclusive features to help leverage connections among alumni, students and the University, no matter where they live.

The website features information on the Association’s current projects, alumni benefits and services and the newly elected association spearheaded by its President, former Minister for Education Netani Sukanaivalu ‘71’.

“We’re pleased to offer a one stop shop to ensure the graduates of the University have a platform to reconnect,” said Senior Alumni Officer, Arti Nair.

“The purpose of this website is to connect alumni, promote career advising and mentoring, as well as to provide an invaluable service to members of the alumni community in the digital age, “she said.

Ms. Nair said the future phases of development will focus on developing exclusive features that will further help FNU graduates build their network connections.

“The Alumni Association will keep alumni informed of news and event regularly. We encourage you to reconnect with members, reminisce on old memories and be a part of the growing global Alumni community.” she said.

Meanwhile, as the first step into reconnecting alumni, the association will be visiting all FNU campuses as it first official national tour to meet current students and alumni.

The link to the new website is:

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