Outstanding Alumni Awards
Dr. Ankim Veera Swamy   Dr. Jona Baravilala   Sir Terepai Tuamure Maoate
 dr ankim    jona baravilala2    Terepai Tuamure Maote
 Dr. Apenisa Neiori Kurisaqila    Dr. Timoci Bavadra    Mr. Alifereti Cawanibuka
 dr apenisa    Dr. Timoci Uluivuda Bavadra    alifereti cawanibuka
Dr. Jiko Fatafehi Luveni    Mr. Netani Sukunaivalu    Mr. Rajendra Singh
dr jiko luveni    netani sukunaivalu    rajendra singh
Dr. Viliami Tangi   Dr. Jagdish Chand Maharaj    HONOURABLE J.V. Bainimarama, 1980 CF(MIL),OSt.J, MSD, JSSC, PSC
 Viliami Tangi    Dr Jagdish Maharaj    frank bainimarama
Mr. Wah Sing Yee    Mrs. Silina Waqa Ledua    Mr. Peter Naveen Lakshmaiya
 wah sing    silina    peter naveen
Mr. Mohenesh Singh        

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