Alumni President’s Award

The FNU Alumni President’s award has been introduced by the FNU Alumni Association (FNUAA) to recognize alumnus for their outstanding academic and professional achievements. The history of FNU takes the institutions decades back to when the constituent colleges of FNU were formed. FNU graduates are spread across the globe thriving in their fields of study. The FNUAA recognized the need for recognition of distinguished alumni allowing alumnus to connect with each other and the University.

The Alumni President’s award is presented by the President of the FNU Alumni Association and it meets the same selection criteria as the Outstanding Alumni Awards presented by the University every 3 years through the alumni recognition program. The Alumni President’s award is special in many ways because it showcases alumnus each year who are actively engaged in supporting the vision of the FNUAA.

The selection criteria of this award include:

  • - Active engagement with the FNUAA
  • - Demonstrated outstanding Academic and Professional Achievements
  • - Leadership
  • - Outstanding Community Service
  • - Outstanding contribution to industry / profession
  • - Contribution to Fiji National University
  • - Integrity and Character
  • - Inspirational positive impact on next generation of graduates

The first ever Alumni President’s award was presented during the inaugural Alumni Homecoming Weekend in 2016. This was awarded to Professor Jugdutt (Jack) Singh for launching the Inaugural Alumni Lecture Series.


Professor Jugdutt (Jack) Singh


Dr. Eddie McCaig
Dr Eddie McCaig

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